Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why paraphrase when I can just copy and paste my current instant messenger conversation with my boyfriend…

Me: I'm going to kill [potential landlord]!
My boyfriend: why?
Me: She STILL hasn't run our credit, because I forgot to sign the fucking application... She claims she left me a message, which I did NOT get!
BF: I’m sorry sweetie
Me: It's my fault that I didn't see the signature line, but she really should have looked them over before we left - a week ago!
Me: I guess I'm one of your dumb customers/sales people who bring you incomplete forms all day!
BF: lol
BF: I think not...they do it for a living
Me: yeah, well, what really sucks is that [my roommate] left me a voicemail that she and [her boyfriend] are pretty much broke up! Not sure if he knows that or not, but I think we're going to need to move asap
BF: wow...drama drama drama
Me: and not the kind I moved out here for!
BF: no doubt


Anonymous said...

Hey, this isn't related to this post per se, but I wanted to let you know a few things:

1. I read this blog- and love it. When candid, you and I have very similar writing qualities. Of course, at present I am trapped by "the powers that be" as far as keeping things clean for [the state pageant] and not sharing any opinion that might not be kosher (also, you should see Lenn Long's blog post accusing me of being a hooker- the power of a blog!) That said, if you are uncomfortable with me reading your experience, I won't visit here anymore. I do love your approach to the world and the unique things you are sharing here. Obviously I have no judgments :)

2. As far as long distance goes, I have been there, so I completely feel you there. My boyfriend was in Iraq for 8 months, back for a year, then I was in England for 10.5 months (we didn't see each other during that time) and this summer it looks as though he might be deployed somewhere for a year again. So, I know the pain, the tears, and the days when you just want to hug him! Reading what you are writing gives me so many memories to my time in England last year when I just broke down for an hour because I hadn't seen him in so long. Just try to communicate in some way every single day- even if its just an email- as I'm sure you do. I'm sure you and your boyfriend will be fine, but hang in there!

Anyways, I love your experience, and I'm so jealous of the fact that even though you want to keep this anonymous, you are able to be yourself! I'm always proofreading my blog thinking "What would the [the state pageant] think?"

I hope you are doing awesome. Things will get better. I started blogging when I lived in Boston in a dirty fraternity house, spending half of each day giving directions to tourists from a historical museum, and the other half pounding the pavement for "the environment", raising money. It was some of my funniest writing- obviously now removed due to pageant stuff- but sometimes, we craft an entire chapter of our "life story" via a challenging experience over a blog.

Good luck! You have a fan here in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am so happy you read this blog! As you confirmed, you’re one of the people who I figured really “got” my writing style and wit.

I definitely understand what you’re going through when it comes to censoring yourself for the “powers that be.” As I’ve mentioned here, there are things I’m still hesitant to write about and I think “omg – so and so is probably reading this and I’m cussing like a sailor!” But I remind myself I don’t have to care anymore and that I’ve proven my ability to be professional when need be. In acting it’s called having “layers!” LOL!

Anyway, I hope you don’t mind I did omit some specific names and copied and pasted your comment as anonymous.

I discovered that blog you mentioned during Miss America, but hadn’t read it in a while. What an ignorant bastard! I don’t think he realizes that he’s not funny – no one can pull of judgmental joking while still being totally pretentious. Forget him. I know it’s difficult, but just be true to who you are; if the judges want a real woman, you’ll do great. If the powers that be demand an opinion-less southern Barbie doll, then at least you’ll have had the experience.

I, too, have had a past military relationship, and knowing how hard it is, I really have a lot of respect for you! That certainly adds a layer to you and probably surprises people who think you’re strictly liberal based on the college you attend. Thank you for commiserating; it is good to be reminded others have been here and gotten through it. This is actually my third distance relationship and regardless of what has separated you, I think you just know if it’s going to work out or not. In my previous two my gut feeling from the beginning was that it wouldn’t, and thus, it didn’t. (Which really makes you feel like a bad citizen when you’re with a solder, but it his job was only part of the problem…) This time around my feelings are completely different and I know with every fiber of my being that my boyfriend and I are only getting stronger with every day. He actually says he doesn’t want it to get “easier” because that would be a bad indication. *sigh*

Best of luck when your man gets deployed again and also in your continued preparation for the state pageant! I’ll be rooting for you from California!

Thanks again for the comments,

Anonymous said...

One more thing for the benefit of others reading this-

I wish pageant women COULD write about their ups and downs during preperation, just like I am here.

But they can't because people will say, "Well if she can't handle that, she'll never make a good Miss State!"

Bitchy and judgemental has never helped anyone!

It's a process, but pageant women have to pretend like they're perfect through the whole thing. BULLSHIT!

Okay, I'm done... Now I have to go force an old Jewish lady to run my credit and beg her to take my $750 a month for the next year!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so mindful of making sure I stay anonymous- you are smarter than I! I love that I get to see your natural writing style because you have a great sense of humor and you seem to confront similar problems that I do- you plan and plan and then something off the wall and weird happens. You have a MUCH better attitude about it than I. I used to keep my blog about my life living in a city several years ago and my experiences were similar to yours- it seemed like there were so many days when there were bizarre setbacks.

And I completely understand what you're saying when you write about knowing whether it will work or not with your relationship. Yes, distance is hard, but if you already know you've met the person you want to be with- it's different. You just miss them all the time.

When I lived across the ocean, we had one girl who was engaged three times. Finally she admitted that maybe all three weren't "the one."

Oh yeah, and another thing we have in common: I have no desire to get legally married. My boyfriend understands that.

I got hired where I live now for a second job this summer and the lady in HR asked for my driving license. I turned it over and she asked where in that northern cold state you and I love (haha!) I was from. I always struggle with that question; at least you're from a city, I live with a bunch of farmers. Strangely enough she was from the huge fishing port next door to my hometown.

I'm keeping a memoir of all my experiences this year. There have been some bizarre ones, and whether it's someday a memoir or just my personal journal, I am keeping track of my experience- just not posting it all over the internet!

Glad to hear that you are getting into auditions. That gets you a lot of respect for me- that's hard work and a lot of patience, but pursuing your dream is worth it! My little brother always used to ask when you appeared on commercials "hey isn't that .."

So, you're famous in my household forever :)

-South of the Mason Dixon