Monday, July 27, 2009

Last week: in photo review

With the exception of Thursday, my picture taking had to be very discrete. As an extra, it's something you're just not supposed to do, even though fans were at Griffith Park taking pictures of Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart and at the exterior shoot for CSI: Miami with David Caruso, I simply couldn't get the same shots. Even on Saturday when I was on "my own lot" walking around with a coworker, a security gaurd told us we weren't allowed to take pictures on the lot. That's rediculous, since tourist on the tram and walking around on the VIP tour do it all the time! Anyway...

: Background on Brothers & Sisters, on location at the Griffith Observatory.

Tuesday: A Nike commercial, filmed on green screen, at Downy Studios.

Wednesday: Background for Dollhouse at 20th Century FOX. Their lot is so charming, with murals on several sound stages; we filmed inside Darth Vader, the buildings behind which are Beverly Hills/Century City.

Thursday: A commercial for Fosters Beer, at this bar/restaurant/70s hotel set, that was literally in the middle of nowhere!

This gas station is just a facade and has probably been used in hundreds of TV shows, movies and commercials, for the quintessential lost-in-the-desert scene.Below: The sunset over the mountains on the drive back to LA. Friday: Background on CSI: Miami

Above: An actual building used as the Miami Dade Police Department; below: sets inside the sound stages at Raleigh Studios.Below: The sunset over Dockweiler beach, since it was on the way home...

Saturday: Wandering around the Universal lot after a screening of Bruno

Above: A hidden treasure by Mark Platt's offices (producer of Wicked); below: Court House Square.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Starstruck!... by a set

As a tour guide I was trained to keep my composure in the presence of celebrity, not that I have had to use it on the tour. Nor am I the personality type that would turn into a gushing idiot (I hope)! However, I just walked throgh Stage 24 which houses the interior lab sets for CSI: Miami! I am so excited for this day; I watch this show consistantly and can't wait to see which primary actors are in the scenes!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"For fuck sake, that bug was the most interesting thing in this scene"

Thankfully, registering with a calling service is starting to pay off! Today will mark a third day in a row that I'm working thanks to Extras Management. I'm crazy tired right now, but feel the need to write and update before so much information piles up that I become overwhelmed and don't write about any of it!

Monday I worked background the TV show Brothers & Sisters; it was amazing but I only got like two hours of sleep because the call time was so early. Here are the highlights:

I was briefly in the hair room with Calista Flockhart, who was running a tad late because like every one else, she had to wait in a twenty-minute line of traffic to get through security at the ABC/Disney studio in Burbank. Yes, she's as teeny tiny as she looks on TV. However, she has the same hair woes as every other woman in the world; she told the stylist she didn't want a much product in her hair, as that damages it and causes it to break. The stylist said, "but without, it'll be flat." *sigh* If Calista and the ABC hair stylist can't solve this problem, there is simply no hope for any of us!

From Burbank we were shuttled to the Griffith Observatory to shoot a fundraiser/party scene. I found myself a mere ten feet from Rob Lowe and Calista; as they delivered their lines I meandered toward the Observatory for the implied event. I made eye contact with Rob, who was very funny between takes, a few times and he totally smiled at me. :) Calista, on the other hand, was either very focused, or stayed in character pretty much the whole time. Rob made her laugh only once.

Their first scene was in the grass and it was hilarious to see her in a gorgeous pink party dress, with white sneakers, as her feet weren't showing in the shot. It was like seeing a news anchor in his suit, tie and boxer shorts. The best part of the whole thing was at one point during her lines she shooed a bug away from her and the director yelled cut. She quickly replied, "For fuck sake, that bug was the most interesting thing in this scene... It gave it some life."

HILARIOUS!!! I'm assuming the writers weren't onset, or maybe they were...?!

It was a really boring scene; it was supposed to be a "red carpet" type event, even though there was no read carpet and we were wearing business attire or Sunday dresses. Other extras were dressed as photographers and there were a few videographers and faux reporters. What I could hear before having to walk across the lawn was a reporter asking Rob's character about running for Governor and then asking Kitty (Calista) about writing her political commentary verses her former radio and TV shows...

Then Monday night I went to a Universal workshop on Improv with Patrick Bristow. He played Peter on the sitcom Ellen, among other TV appearances and the films The Longest Yard, Austin Powers, So I Married and Axe Murderer and Showgirls. He runs an improv troupe here in LA and was wonderful and funny. I loved all three hours and I feel like his key tenants of improv are amazing rules to live ever day by: be focused, joyous and relaxed. Those three things tend to contradict one another, but the ability to balance them would lead to an amazing existance!

Yesterday I spent twelve hours at a Nike commercial down in Downy; after I got the booking, I had to figure out where the hell that was! I guess it would be considered east LA; it was 30 miles from the Valley and I got extremely lucky that I didn't run into bad traffic. Especially considering I slept through my first alarm and don't remember talking to my guy who also called me this morning. Instead, I woke up to my "get your ass out to your car" alarm that I always set! Luckily, I had built in two hours to get there, so I arrived with plenty of time to do my makeup in a Starbucks parking lot, then grab a coffee and still get to set.

It was an extremely long day and I met some interesting characters, to say the least! I think I broke a heart of two, but that's what you get when you follow me around for twelve hours, even after acknowledging the ring on my finger! The details of the shoot are on my public "actor blog."

For now, I need to get some damn sleep! I have to be "perfectly quaffed" and beautiful at the 20th Century FOX studios today at noon for background on the TV show Dollhouse.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The stars are shining over LA tonight

Thirty minutes ago I sat alone in my room listening to a party going on over my head. Drunk musings from their balcony flowed down onto mine and through my screen door. It was getting annoying.

Then, out of no where a deep soulful voice and a strumming guitar joined the mix. At moments the drunk people sang along or yelled out "play us another song." I eventually stepped out onto my balcony to see a tall, old, black gentleman in a plaid shirt and cowboy hat taking up a parking spot across the street. His voice was beautiful and the content of his life was beside him in a cardboard box, strapped to a dolly. He was singing songs about happiness and love.

I felt like I was watching an oxymoron. How could someone with seemingly nothing sound so fulfilled? The branches of the tree in front of me stretched out around his silhouette under the street lights; he was perfectly framed by leaves as he sang "Stand By Me."

It is an absolutely perfect, beautiful, still night in Los Angeles. I looked up and was surprised to even see a few stars twinkling above.

Directly above me, the party goers decided to head to a local bar and I stood ready to yell at them, depending how they interacted with the man on the street. As surprised as I was to see the stars, that paled in comparison to what happened next; three of them gave him money. Shame on me for my lack of faith in humanity.

Not long after they all left, the man with the guitar leaned his dolly back upon its wheels and literally moseyed down the street. Now there's silence.

I have found that this city consistently lacks substance; but if tonight is any indication, the moments that do speak to you, speak... or rather sing volumes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So long to #24

Tonight I worked on Californication again; this time it was a scene between Evan Handler and David Duchovney. I am also scheduled to work a Nike commercial next Tuesday! More about that later...

In other news, I am dissatisfied with the skin care trial I am in for a number of reasons. The products dried out my face far worse than I could have imagined, even with their warnings. My two emails about it have not been returned and I have no idea when we're shooting the "after" testimonials, rendering me incapable of scheduling a visit home in August!

Dry skin is about to be the least of my appearance problems; in the morning I am having a tooth pulled! Number twenty-four, which is front and center on the bottom, will be gone! In its place I'll have a gap for the next few months until the Invisiline braces start pushing the other teeth to their proper placement. I think I already explained that I could have kept the tooth, but the results would have been less predictable, taken a bit longer and we would have had to file between all my other bottom teeth to make room for #24, which currently protrudes forward. The filing sounded worse than the pulling to me!

I fear the gap will really limit my abilities; will I look like a freak when I speak to my tourist at Universal through the fish-eye camera on the new HD tram monitors? Will I still be able to get "pretty girl" background work? Should I even bother submitting for film and theatre projects?

*Deep breath*

I just keep reminding myself that a gap in my bottom teeth will be no worse than the hideous crookedness of the tooth that will no longer be there. As I've written before, my teeth are absolutely unacceptable, I'm just used to them; the gap will be equal to what I've lived with for twenty-some years! Then, the gap will be gone in a few months and by the winter of 2010, I'll FINALLY have straight teeth!

Last, one of my roommates is moving out. I'm bummed because I really liked him, we all really got along and he was never here, which is the very best trait a roommate can have! I am excited that for only $2 more per month I can move into his room, which is much larger and have his spot in the parking garage! However, this means the remaining roommate and I have to find someone new, which will be a time consuming, difficult, obnoxious processes. I literally want to advertise "a room for rent for storage or day time office space!" Or even "rent this cheap room so your parents don't know you really live with..." AKA we want someone who won't really be here much!

My concern is that the new person won't be a push-over like me and they'll actually question the inadequacies of the price vs. room size and parking space. This is compounded by the fact that the roommate gave us his 30 notice yesterday as he left for a two week family vacation over seas! This means that if we interview people and show the room now, the fact that I'm upgrading to the larger room will be obviously. I suppose that may have been the case no matter what, depending when in the 30 days he moved out... Rather than all that hassle, I think I'd rather find a new two bedroom place with the existing roommate! Finding a whole new place probably sounds like more of a headache, but if you saw the nasty carpet in this place, or tried to split space in a refrigerator among three people, you'd understand!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am officially a dot com!

In the unlikely event you haven't already seen this on my other blog, Facebook or Twitter, I have purchased my domain name and have "launched" a new website. It's If you are a random reader, to whom I am actually anonymous, wow, really? And sorry, you shall remain out of the loop.

As I mentioned before, the new site and Twitter will feature a positive version of reality, but the rest of the story can still be found here. :) Nonetheless, please sign up to follow me on Twitter and the new actor blog, otherwise I just look like a loser!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wow, where did this week go? When I haven't been busy I haven't felt like being online a whole lot either...

Tuesday I worked on Californiaction, which was pretty cool. I guess it was the first time I was in the presence Hollywood names! (Paris Hilton doesn't count! I did background on her New BFF reality show last fall.) We got out early and I was able to go to an open call at Central Casting for background for an upcoming vampire movie called Priest. I wore a black corset and made my hair look all gross and all they did was snap a quick photo. The casting director working on the project wasn't even there, so I could have just emailed a photo. Oh well. That night I went to the first of the summer's free acting classes offered to Universal Tour Guides. Last year I was only able to go to two of the six classes, being taught by a guy who specialized in the Stella Adler technique of acting. This year, instead of being so style-specific, the class is more on an audition technique course, which is probably more useful to a broad range of people. Sherry Shaw is the instructor.

Needless to say, that day felt amazing. I was paid to be on a set, I went to an open call for future work and I participated in a class. That is what I moved here to do!

Wednesday I picked up a shift at Universal. That was my first day working on the new HD trams, meaning the screens the guests see the video clips on look a whole lot nicer, but also that I had all new numbers to punch in to que those videos up! Oh, and my second tram got stuck coming out of "Park Lake" where we "part the waters" ala Charlton Heston and the Red Sea, and drive by the scale model sets used for the recent King Kong. That was fun; it's such a boring place to be stopped, I just played them the bloopers clip to pass the time!

I am so mad at myself about Wednesday night... First, you have to understand how disgusting you feel after doing that job. You're sitting in scary poli-blend, pleated, "mom" shorts on a faux leather padded seat in 85 degree weather. Every time you get off a tour, you're sure it must look like you've wet yourself. Somehow, it doesn't show, but your back and ass feel gross! So Wednesday night we had the first free Universal workshop of the summer, featuring a manager and the casting director from House. HOUSE!

I absolutely had to pick up copies of my headshot after work to take to that workshop and taking a shower was a close number two on my priority list. I live very close to Universal and literally did nothing but grab the headshots, take an uber quick shower, scarf down some food, blow dry and apply make up. There was no dilly-dallying, no curling the hair, no updating my Facebook status or Twitter... Nothing! Still, I did not make it to the workshop in time to read for them. I wasn't late, but they only agreed to give sides to the first twenty-two people to sign up. I still stayed and listened to them speak and watched my peers read. There were ten or twelve of us who didn't make the cut. I was so mad at myself! How did I miss the opportunity to read for the woman who casts House! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I should have just gone in my stinky work uniform. The woman who schedules the guests says they'll come back to read the rest of us again, but we'll see...

Thursday morning I had a dentist appointment downtown. I've written before about my crooked teeth that I've ignored instead of fix. Back in April I agreed to help a coworker at a bridal expo where I met a dentist who does Invisiline, the clear retainer type braces. I'd previously been told my teeth were too bad for Invisiline, but this guy seemed to think it was possible. With the bridal show special I got a free consultation, slight discount and free whitening (after it's done), even though I'm not a bridezilla. People have suggested shopping around and various ways of trying to get it done for free, all of which I appreciate very much, but at the end of the day, I went with this guy because I actually like him! In my experience, most dentists are assholes who are completely unsympathetic to your pain and anxiety. This guy runs a practice called Zen Dental. Granted, that mainly means Asian decor in the lobby and a TV above your head to watch during procedures, but at least they're making an effort!

Anyway, after taking all sorts of molds and photos and sending it to the Invisiline company and talking to other dentists, I went in Thursday to watch my videos. With a didgital model on his computer he was able to show me the journey my teeth will take. I was, unfortunately, given the choice, to pull or not to pull! Both are possible, but by leaving the tooth that protrudes forward, we'd have to file between all the other teeth to create room and the results are much less predictable. Pulling means I'd have one less front bottom tooth than most people, but he'd be more sure of the results and get them a couple months sooner. I had originally thought that if I had to have things pulled that I should be knocked out and rid myself of my wisdom teeth all at the same time! However, only my top wisdom teeth are showing on ex rays and only one of them has really come in. I complained about it's pain back in March, but since then it's only bothered me once. So the big decision is to.... go back next Thursday and have tooth #24 yanked out of my face! OMG, I can't even think about it! Moving on...

Also on Thursday I registered with Extras Management. Instead of constantly calling the Central Casting hotline to get extra work, I now have a calling service to do it for me! They also book for at least fourteen additional casting agencies for background and standin work. With them, I will hopefully get more consistent work. Their monthly fee is $75, which is about one days pay. If you're not booked in a given month, you only pay $10 or if you're only booked once it's $40. I've been told by several sources that given my type, I should work a lot, but now that I don't have to call in myself to get work, I feel apathetic! I am anxiously awaiting my first text or call from them; after it starts happening, I'm sure I'll feel better.

Today I'm working at Universal, so I suppose I should get some sleep!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Most people recognize my ass from looking up at it during strip club scenes."

This morning I did background work on Showtime's Californication. I was a patron in a restaurant scene with actors Evan Handler and Pamela Adlon. For those of you asking, "who?," I know Even best as Charlotte's second husband Harry in Sex and the City. Or, he's the actor who looks like Howie Mandell. We only worked for four hours, but will be paid for 8! It was a small call, only about 25 extras; most of them were extremely low key, so I sat with the first woman who exhibited signs of a pulse. Big mistake. I ended up learning more than I ever wanted to know about the world of being a stripper extra!

I said, "You look really familiar to me, I think you remind me of someone I know, but I can't put my finger on who." She said, "Oh, we were probably extras together, most people recognize my ass from looking up at it during strip club scenes." And away she went... "My friend is really flat, but stuffs and gets tons of work, but one time they made up go topless and then she got fired... So then on my next interview I didn't stuff, just in case, and I was the only one who didn't get called back, and it ended up not being topless. I should have stuffed... And then on Showtime shows they made you were a lot of pasties..." And on, and on, and on...

Anyway, the set was gorgeous. Evan smiled at me and depending which shot they use, I might be a blur over his left shoulder! lol!

Now I'm headed to an open call at Central Casting for an upcoming vampire movie. Although my instinct is that all vampire movies for the next few years will just be bad Twilight knockoffs, it would be nice to be booked on a film that would give me steady work. And by steady I mean maybe a week of knowing you're on the same project each day. That would be awesome! They want pale, skinny, stringy haired, sickly, unhappy people. Perfect! I'm wearing a black corset and jeans with dark lips, dark eye make up and I plan to take some baby oil to my hair.

While I'm in the area, I was going to register with the highly recommended calling service across the street. However, I'm not sure this is the look I want them to photograph and their website isn't loading.

And then, Universals free six week acting class starts tonight. I'll need to practice a scene they emailed us and wash the stringy, sad, vampireness out of my hair!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have not been sleeping at night; it's ridiculous!

It's now 5:20 a.m. and I haven't gone to bed. It's been like this for a few days now. Yesterday was really bad; I was awake until 9 a.m. and then slept until 5 or 6 in the afternoon, completely missing any possible Independence Day celebrations.

It's easy to blame this on the all night Iron Man shoots, but I don't really think that's it. It certainly didn't helped, but moreover there's some sort of bored energy that pushes the normal 2 a.m. bedtime into 4 a.m., 5 a.m., or later... I think I'm so bummed that I'm alone each night with nothing to do, that for some stupid reason going to sleep makes it seem even worse. Does that make any sense at all? The annoying thing is that I can't really account for the lost time. It doesn't feel like hours pass by, rather, all of a sudden it's tomorrow! The main way I've spent the phantom time is building a website of sorts.

It's actually a blog because that's what I'm familiar with, but I'm attempting to pass it off as my official actor website by removing as many blog attributes as possible Along with it though, I've set up another actor blog and will begin "tweeting" actor things, even though I think Twitter is really lame. I even broke down and purchased my domain name for $10. It hasn't gone live yet, but this faux website will be at, hopefully in a day or two. I thought it would happen immediately, but apparently internet magic takes one to three days.

Basically, the website and actor blog will make everything look and sound wonderful, but I'll still share the real story here! Not only is it just smart for me to own my domain name, I'm going to use this to hold myself accountable. It'll probably just increase my stress level, but hopefully I can make that work for me. Public opinion has been a part of my life for several years now as a pageant contestant and then a TV spokesperson; although I wish I didn't, the fact is that I do care what people think. Honestly, we all do!

When I was in high school and college I was always really busy and always competing and winning things. No longer receiving tangible awards that are tall or sparkly or written about in a newspaper feels odd!!! As most of you know, the pageant circuit is a place where you need to be constantly active and accomplished. Since moving on to this new phase of my life, there have been periods of time when I couldn't answer the questions "what are you doing now days? What are you up to? What's new?" At least I didn't have an answer that sounded good enough to me or impressive enough to suit my former active college/pageant contestant self.

I figure with the public actor website, blog and twitter, I'll be motivated by a fear of public scrutiny! That doesn't sound healthy does it...? Let's put it this way, if I spin everything into a positive light for those sites, maybe I'll start to believe my own bullshit instead of being such a downer all the time! We'll see... If nothing else, I now own, even though google is holding it hostage out there somewhere in the depths of cyberspace.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Tonight I filled in for a friend in a role in the Mini Musical Festival; it did not go well. As I've mentioned before, it's just a 10 to 15 minute show and not difficult or a very big deal, but any performance requires a certain amount of preparation and resources that I was not given. As a result, tonight was embarrassing!

This show has 8 characters, which is a lot for such a short piece. The character I'm filling in for this weekend is one of three chorus women who are almost always onstage, either as factory workers or roadies with a band. A huge frustration is that we didn't receive actual music. I read music! I need to read music. Three of the male lead's songs were written and then the chorus had to write in where we sometimes echo or "ooooo" along with him and basically pick a note to harmonize. It's easy music so that part actually isn't the issue.

What sucks is that the show opens with the three of us onstage and over the canned accompaniment we sing a few lines, then speak a few, and so on. The first two lines of the show are sung, by my character.

Let me back up a bit... Last week I went to a rehearsal; the friend I'm filling in for couldn't be there until the end, so I assumed they'd go over music with me. Well, since there isn't sheet music that didn't happen, I just sort of watched and tried to figure out where my character fit in. I got up and learned a bit of the blocking, but it wasn't a very structured rehearsal and they were also breaking in a new male lead who was taking over the end of the run. When my friend arrived I watched her do a couple scenes, then watched the entire festival last Sunday afternoon.

Last night I went to my friend's place to go over more of the blocking, the dance moves and the music. However, she had never actually practiced with the accompaniment CD she'd been given. When she popped it in she realized that since it was given to her, they'd changed the keys of all the songs! So, I had no sheet music and incorrect canned music...

After Sunday's show the composer said he'd email me about a rehearsal. He had not. Thursday night I emailed him and he said they'd "try to get everyone together at 6:30 to run through it" before the festival began at 8 p.m. Well, that didn't happen tonight. My cast mates rolled in between 7 and 7:15, and no one was concerned. I wasn't tremendously concerned myself, but rather a bit annoyed.

Really? The person with the first fucking line is going to go on in front of a sold-out house without so much as a run through?

We talked through things, but I kept reminding people, even though I've seen the show and I understand what you're telling me, that's very different than actually, physically doing it on stage! We finally walked through a few scenes in the parking lot, no props, no music.

Okay, so those who know me well know that I love to sing; I'm a well trained singer, but HATE kareoke. Does that sound odd? I can't stand canned music and I can't always find my pitch from that weird computer generated noise they call accompaniment. Well, that's how tonight was. I counted and came in at the right moment, but my pitch was off. Gee I wonder why... because I hadn't heard the actual song in the correct key since Sunday, when I was an audience member, perhaps? I was quickly able to get the the right melody, but my next line was a measure early and then a cast mate covered my next spoken line, since I was obviously all fucked up!

It's just embarrassing because I'm so much better than that. I should have known better than to think it would just fall into place. That doesn't happen; art is a difficult discipline. Performing is so much harder than people think. I'm amazing and I love it, but the easier a performer makes it seem, the more time they've probably put into it!

Apparently, the woman I'm replacing was the glue of the cast, as later in the show everyone forgot to sing the first two lines of a group number. The director mentioned another place where something similar happened, but I don't remember where... Not all the props were correctly preset, the scene changes were sloppy, it was simply a disaster!

You probably can't tell by everything I've just written, but I do really like everyone in the show and the festival. The composer is amazingly sweet, the director is really cool, the cast is fun, but... There's just no excuse for a TEN minute show to be such a train wreck.

I am embarrassed and I want to take responsibility for my part, but I don't feel like I have the resources to do that! I mean, without sheet music or the correct key on the cd, what am I supposed to do? Tomorrow I will insist that we do the first number, with the music, on the stage before the house opens. Past that, the six people who have actually been doing the show for three weekends now really need to get their shit together!

And by "Callback" they meant...

That they'd take your "before" photos, make you sign some forms and give you your free products!

So, yes, I am in the Neutrogena SkinID trial. I am happy, but still a bit frustrated with their misuse of the term callback. You see, to an actor that insights a certain level of mental energy; I spent a lot of time thinking about what I'd say at my callback and how to sell myself as an ideal candidate. I dressed to impress, I curled my hair, etc... I shouldn't be complaining, but they shoudln't have called it a callback!

For the first time ever, I don't want this blemish gone in the morning!

To my surprise, I did get a call back for the Neutrogena SkinID trial for this afternoon. (Read the previous post first if this is new to you.) So I am actually hoping that my current blemishes don't clear up! It was odd yesterday morning, as I looked at myself in the mirror wondering, "is it bad enough?"

Is it bad enough? Of course it is! As I told the camera yesterday, I can't believe I've been dealing with this problem since I was in junior high; I'm a little bit of a control freak and my skin has never been something I could control. It saddened me to realize, what seems good by my usual standards for my face, and hopefully not too good for the purposes of this trial, should not be acceptable for anyone!

I told them yesterday, "I saw a skincare ad that was 'finally' for the woman who is too young for wrinkles but too old for acne, but I don't know who that is! I don't feel one bit sorry for her! I'm at an age that I need a product to combat both and I haven't found that yet; I'm an ignored demographic." I have no idea what SkinID targets, but that's honestly how I feel. I'm sure there is an appropriate product out there, but I don't have the money or time to try new things. Once you find a decent routine, you're hesitant to disturb the somewhat good thing that you have going, but a free trial... Fantastic!

As soon as I left yesterday I was thinking of all the things I should have said, so hopefully I'll get the opportunity to say them at the callback today.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This one's for you, babe...

Today my guy noted that I hadn't been blogging much. "I blogged from set," I replied. But he's right, I've not done anything extensive. It's been a... rough? interesting? trying? couple weeks. In my mind various things have been floating around and as a result, I haven't taken the time or found the focus to tackle any of them.

As Murphy's Law would have it, in this moment I'd like to sit here on my balcony with my cup of coffee and type up a storm, but I have to go... Recall the musical that was on, then off, then on, then off again? I felt guilty when I declined another small role in a different musical, but alas, I will be part of that damn festival after all! A friend and cast mate from one of last years shows got roped into it again this year, but she can't do the last three performances. Tonight, or right now rather, I'm going to her place to go over the music and dance moves to perform her part TOMORROW, Friday and Sunday! I've gone to one rehearsal and watched the show Sunday, but that's it. Granted, it's just a chorus role in a campy ten minute show, her character does sing the first line and there are synchronized dance steps, so I'm a little frustrated that I've not heard from the director about a run through tomorrow afternoon. Of course, I'm regretting saying yes! But, after I get tomorrow night out of the way, I'm sure Friday and Sunday will be fun; unless something better comes along that I can't do because of the show, then I'll just be pissed.

This afternoon I went to Hollywood for an audition for a trial of Nuetrogina's SkinID. If selected I'd get free products for six weeks. A year ago I contemplated a similar trial but my acting teacher discouraged me since those things are not normally paid. This time I said fuck it! I need the freebies! When I got there today I ran into a coworker from Universal who said she'd heard you do indeed get a couple hundred dollars if they use your testimonial. That would be awesome. In the audition room however, I don't think I did so well. I have always had troubled skin and in answering their "how has acne affected your life?" questions I was genuine, but I fear it didn't come off that way. Between seeing a zillion skin care product commercials and knowing what is said on them, and being a trained speaker and tour guide, I worry I wasn't "real" enough, even though I was, I wasn't. Does that make any sense? I guess we'll see!

As for my sales job, I never went back! More on that later...