Monday, July 27, 2009

Last week: in photo review

With the exception of Thursday, my picture taking had to be very discrete. As an extra, it's something you're just not supposed to do, even though fans were at Griffith Park taking pictures of Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart and at the exterior shoot for CSI: Miami with David Caruso, I simply couldn't get the same shots. Even on Saturday when I was on "my own lot" walking around with a coworker, a security gaurd told us we weren't allowed to take pictures on the lot. That's rediculous, since tourist on the tram and walking around on the VIP tour do it all the time! Anyway...

: Background on Brothers & Sisters, on location at the Griffith Observatory.

Tuesday: A Nike commercial, filmed on green screen, at Downy Studios.

Wednesday: Background for Dollhouse at 20th Century FOX. Their lot is so charming, with murals on several sound stages; we filmed inside Darth Vader, the buildings behind which are Beverly Hills/Century City.

Thursday: A commercial for Fosters Beer, at this bar/restaurant/70s hotel set, that was literally in the middle of nowhere!

This gas station is just a facade and has probably been used in hundreds of TV shows, movies and commercials, for the quintessential lost-in-the-desert scene.Below: The sunset over the mountains on the drive back to LA. Friday: Background on CSI: Miami

Above: An actual building used as the Miami Dade Police Department; below: sets inside the sound stages at Raleigh Studios.Below: The sunset over Dockweiler beach, since it was on the way home...

Saturday: Wandering around the Universal lot after a screening of Bruno

Above: A hidden treasure by Mark Platt's offices (producer of Wicked); below: Court House Square.

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M said...

Those desert scenes look like Joshua Tree National Park. That's out by where my mom lives.