Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wow, where did this week go? When I haven't been busy I haven't felt like being online a whole lot either...

Tuesday I worked on Californiaction, which was pretty cool. I guess it was the first time I was in the presence Hollywood names! (Paris Hilton doesn't count! I did background on her New BFF reality show last fall.) We got out early and I was able to go to an open call at Central Casting for background for an upcoming vampire movie called Priest. I wore a black corset and made my hair look all gross and all they did was snap a quick photo. The casting director working on the project wasn't even there, so I could have just emailed a photo. Oh well. That night I went to the first of the summer's free acting classes offered to Universal Tour Guides. Last year I was only able to go to two of the six classes, being taught by a guy who specialized in the Stella Adler technique of acting. This year, instead of being so style-specific, the class is more on an audition technique course, which is probably more useful to a broad range of people. Sherry Shaw is the instructor.

Needless to say, that day felt amazing. I was paid to be on a set, I went to an open call for future work and I participated in a class. That is what I moved here to do!

Wednesday I picked up a shift at Universal. That was my first day working on the new HD trams, meaning the screens the guests see the video clips on look a whole lot nicer, but also that I had all new numbers to punch in to que those videos up! Oh, and my second tram got stuck coming out of "Park Lake" where we "part the waters" ala Charlton Heston and the Red Sea, and drive by the scale model sets used for the recent King Kong. That was fun; it's such a boring place to be stopped, I just played them the bloopers clip to pass the time!

I am so mad at myself about Wednesday night... First, you have to understand how disgusting you feel after doing that job. You're sitting in scary poli-blend, pleated, "mom" shorts on a faux leather padded seat in 85 degree weather. Every time you get off a tour, you're sure it must look like you've wet yourself. Somehow, it doesn't show, but your back and ass feel gross! So Wednesday night we had the first free Universal workshop of the summer, featuring a manager and the casting director from House. HOUSE!

I absolutely had to pick up copies of my headshot after work to take to that workshop and taking a shower was a close number two on my priority list. I live very close to Universal and literally did nothing but grab the headshots, take an uber quick shower, scarf down some food, blow dry and apply make up. There was no dilly-dallying, no curling the hair, no updating my Facebook status or Twitter... Nothing! Still, I did not make it to the workshop in time to read for them. I wasn't late, but they only agreed to give sides to the first twenty-two people to sign up. I still stayed and listened to them speak and watched my peers read. There were ten or twelve of us who didn't make the cut. I was so mad at myself! How did I miss the opportunity to read for the woman who casts House! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I should have just gone in my stinky work uniform. The woman who schedules the guests says they'll come back to read the rest of us again, but we'll see...

Thursday morning I had a dentist appointment downtown. I've written before about my crooked teeth that I've ignored instead of fix. Back in April I agreed to help a coworker at a bridal expo where I met a dentist who does Invisiline, the clear retainer type braces. I'd previously been told my teeth were too bad for Invisiline, but this guy seemed to think it was possible. With the bridal show special I got a free consultation, slight discount and free whitening (after it's done), even though I'm not a bridezilla. People have suggested shopping around and various ways of trying to get it done for free, all of which I appreciate very much, but at the end of the day, I went with this guy because I actually like him! In my experience, most dentists are assholes who are completely unsympathetic to your pain and anxiety. This guy runs a practice called Zen Dental. Granted, that mainly means Asian decor in the lobby and a TV above your head to watch during procedures, but at least they're making an effort!

Anyway, after taking all sorts of molds and photos and sending it to the Invisiline company and talking to other dentists, I went in Thursday to watch my videos. With a didgital model on his computer he was able to show me the journey my teeth will take. I was, unfortunately, given the choice, to pull or not to pull! Both are possible, but by leaving the tooth that protrudes forward, we'd have to file between all the other teeth to create room and the results are much less predictable. Pulling means I'd have one less front bottom tooth than most people, but he'd be more sure of the results and get them a couple months sooner. I had originally thought that if I had to have things pulled that I should be knocked out and rid myself of my wisdom teeth all at the same time! However, only my top wisdom teeth are showing on ex rays and only one of them has really come in. I complained about it's pain back in March, but since then it's only bothered me once. So the big decision is to.... go back next Thursday and have tooth #24 yanked out of my face! OMG, I can't even think about it! Moving on...

Also on Thursday I registered with Extras Management. Instead of constantly calling the Central Casting hotline to get extra work, I now have a calling service to do it for me! They also book for at least fourteen additional casting agencies for background and standin work. With them, I will hopefully get more consistent work. Their monthly fee is $75, which is about one days pay. If you're not booked in a given month, you only pay $10 or if you're only booked once it's $40. I've been told by several sources that given my type, I should work a lot, but now that I don't have to call in myself to get work, I feel apathetic! I am anxiously awaiting my first text or call from them; after it starts happening, I'm sure I'll feel better.

Today I'm working at Universal, so I suppose I should get some sleep!

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