Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Help Leah get to Australia for the best job in the world!

Please help a friend of mine, and fellow Ohioan, get an opportunity of a life time!

Tourism Queensland is looking for a blogger/vlogger/island caretaker to work on the islands of the Great Barrier Reef for six months! Ten of thousands of people from across the globe have submitted videos. Next week the Top 50 will be selected and narrowed down from there...

Cracking into the Top 50 requires your video to get LOTS of views and positive ratings both on the company's website: HERE (note, it takes a few moments to open), as well as the video's YouTube link: HERE!

Please click on both of the links above! Just clicking and being counted as a view helps; also rate the videos by clicking on the highest possible star and on YouTube you can leave comments.

If you're on Facebook, there's also a group in support of her; click here to join and invite all your Facebook friends.

Yes, I woulda/coulda/shoulda submitted for this opportunity myself, but I didn't know about it and frankly I don't have as much experience as Leah. Obviously she's a friend, but I honestly think she is perfect for this job, so click, rate and comment to help her get it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Casting Reality: Split Ends

I am still annoyed that I receive reality show breakdowns from the submission websites I subscribe to, but some of them do make sense... Parent's who think their kid is a star, people in the LA area who want a room redone for all the decorating shows, young and stupid singles and couples for dating and relationship shows...

However, this one surprised me and may even be something you'd want to pass along:


The Emmy-Nominated reality series on STYLE NETWORK!!

Could you cut it in someone else's salon? Could someone new survive in yours? If you think you have what it takes to swap salons, we want you on SPLIT ENDS.

You'll get to showcase your talent by representing your own unique personal style.

We're seeking CONFIDENT HAIRSTYLISTS with BIG PERSONALITIES from salons with attitudes to match!


PLEASE INCLUDE: Your name, age, where you live, and a brief bio about yourself. Tell us all about where you work, your hair styling skills & WHY you are the best!!!

Remember: Whether you are just getting started with your first cuts or you own your own salon- we want to hear from you!


If you've never seen it, Split Ends is a fun reality show that is basically Wife Swap or Trading Spouses for hair dressers. I was surprised to see this breakdown because the stylists who participate on the show are from all over the country. The best episodes are when they swap the small town, beauty-shop-in-my-home stylist with someone from a ritzy city salon! Overall, the participants have never struck me as wannabe actors, making this breakdown especially odd and annoying!

Anyway, if you do know a stylist who might be interested, I'd suggest checking the show's website, or tracking down contact info for the casting director, Angela Weingrad.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To make things easier...

*Edited after the original post*

I check several blogs that never get updated. It's extremely annoying and I hate that this blog has fallen into that category. The only way to remedy the annoyance is by becoming a "follower," and then if you have a blogger account you will see if other blogs you follow have been updated. I don't think this is very effective because I only see the blogger dashboard if I'm posting...

The other option is to "subscribe" and then blog updates are seen on the homepage of your yahoo or google accounts (or a few others). The most helpful, in my opinion is the orange and white icon at the bottom of the dropdown menu. It's a live bookmark; once it's in your favorites toolbar or dropdown menu, it then provides a seperate menu with all the blog post titles. It doesn't show dates, but if you remember previous titles, you'll know if there's been an update.

I hope that all makes sense... Check it out in the sidebar.

Things stink. Literally.

I woke up this morning to the smell of dog shit. Lovely.

Our ten year old Great Dane is the sweetest, most well behaved dog I've ever met, but she doesn't like to go outside in rain or extreme cold. This morning it was pouring and I'm told she wouldn't go out after her breakfast; a few hours later I awoke to the stench. It amazes me that whatever attempt she made to wake me didn't work, yet that smell is the most effective alarm clock I've ever experienced. Disgusting!

Who can be in a good mood if that's the way you wake up? In addition to that, an existing stress was brought to the forefront again last night. As predicted, my LA roommate confirmed that she'd be moving in with her boyfriend when our lease expires. I'm really happy for her because she seems to be in a great relationship, but for me it raises more questions...