Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To make things easier...

*Edited after the original post*

I check several blogs that never get updated. It's extremely annoying and I hate that this blog has fallen into that category. The only way to remedy the annoyance is by becoming a "follower," and then if you have a blogger account you will see if other blogs you follow have been updated. I don't think this is very effective because I only see the blogger dashboard if I'm posting...

The other option is to "subscribe" and then blog updates are seen on the homepage of your yahoo or google accounts (or a few others). The most helpful, in my opinion is the orange and white icon at the bottom of the dropdown menu. It's a live bookmark; once it's in your favorites toolbar or dropdown menu, it then provides a seperate menu with all the blog post titles. It doesn't show dates, but if you remember previous titles, you'll know if there's been an update.

I hope that all makes sense... Check it out in the sidebar.

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