Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling Alive!

It's hard to describe the overwhelming emotions I have felt the past two days! Words couldn't begin to do it justice and I have a poker game with a friend from college to get to anyway...

In short, yesterday at work I took a walking tour of Universal Studios front and back lots. I was in what's called The Court of Miracles where all the great monster films were made, I stood in the streets of Little Europe where parts of Pirates of the Caribbean was shot, I walked down Denver Street, the first set of Universal where the silent western were filmed, I was inside the homes of Desperate Housewives, Gabriell, Eddie, Susan and the new one! I was in The Chicken Ranch, used for Best Little Whore House in Texas, among other things, I walked next to the Psycho house and stood in the destruction for War of the Worlds, which includes a real, crashed 747.

I was in absolute awe of my surroundings. I'd riden on the tram through these areas several times, but walking there was amazing. I want so badly to work on those sets someday and the reality of being there in any capacity was beyond overwhelming!

Then, last night the musical festival opened. Somehow we managed to pull it off and it was a lot of fun. Last night, of course, brought nerves, especially for the show that hadn't rehearsed nearly enough. But already tonight, it was just a good time. As I stood onstage tonight looking into the lights, behind which I knew there was an audience, I felt so alive and happy. I remember feeling that way while doing insignificant stage hand duties for shows in college. Even in a sixty seat blackbox theatre, for a project that doesn't pay, I couldn't stop thinking, "omg - I LOVE this!" I guess that means I had broken character though, which is bad...

I'm sure the endorphins from my onstage kisses help too... lol! I have such a crush on my onstage boyfriend. I told my real boyfriend that it's funny, because if he weren't gay, I'd think he was a huge dweeb and probably not be the least bit interested. But he is so funny, ridiculously talented, successful outside of the arts world and just an absolute blast to be around. Last night he, another female cast mate who's also from Ohio and I went to a gay line dancing bar. It was great! I hate country, but this was nothing like line dancing with hetero hicks; everyone was amazing at the dances, it was entertaining to watch and half the music was pop.

I digress... I need to get to the poker game, but I wanted to reflect on these feelings. What they say is so true - even in difficult situations, if you do what you love, you are truly happy... at least in the moments that you're doing it.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A very long day of "WTFs!"

You're going to enjoy this one, which means I had a crazy day!

While walking into work (Universal Studio Tour Guide training) this morning I returned a call from my agent- the same agent who I hadn't talked to in a month, since leaving him a voice mail to cancel our second try at the photo shoot.

"We have an audition for you today." They said to me. "What the fuck!? I guess they haven't written me off," I thought with a surprised smirk, but that quickly turned to, "WTF, you think after no contact in a month that I'm going to be free on such short notice?" That answer to that of course, is yes, that's what all agents expect.

The audition was for Microsoft's search for "the most talented hottie." When first posted , my agent said it only offered $20 for showing up, then they added a $200 buy-out because the footage shot at the audition became theirs to use in any way. You were required to perform three talents and have three outfits.

My training goes until 5 p.m., then I had a dress rehearsal for my musicals at 7 p.m. I reluctantly told my agent I'd leave training early to go to the audition, which was in Hollywood. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to think of a third talent - I sing, I act, I... I... I bake, I dress well, I'm a remote control/ TV channel Nazi... But I lack weird or special talents.

I decided I'd showcase my ability to perfectly apply lipstick without a mirror. Stupid, I know, but it fascinates my boyfriend. I left my training group at 3:30, by the time I walked to my car and got to my place it was 4. I swear I did not dawdle, but I had to put curlers in my hair and freshen up in order to feel like a "hottie" as well as grab two other outfits and my costume and necessities for dress rehearsal... so I walked back out the door at 5 and got to the audition at 5:30.

As I've mentioned before, Hollywood is not the nicest part of LA... It was in a production building that sort of had a small-scale warehouse feel to it with storage areas of stage lights and cables. "WTF?" I thought, rather unimpressed. But it was not unsafe; large barn- style doors remained opened to the elementary school across the street. Later, interior barn doors opened to reveal a huge, well lit room with the largest white backdrop I've ever seen for filming and photography. About five other women were waiting at tables; I filled out a few forms and was asked to wait.

I sat at a table with a stereotypical fake blond with big fake boobs. As it turns out, she sometimes works as a painted lady at the Playboy mansion. The woman next to her screamed girl-next-door worse than I do with similar hair, a very pretty face, but a tacky down-home sun dress, hideous clear bra straps and bad shoes. For one of her talents she had a kiddy pool, with which she was going to use bubble solution and a cube to create square bubbles. "It's part of a kids show I do," she explained.

I came to discover they didn't want legitimate talents and you weren't supposed to do anything that had been previously published or produced. They wanted stupid human tricks - all the dumb shit I can't do! I just found the breakdown for the New York audition online; here's the list of "talents" they suggested. Further, I was told the wait was about an hour, then you spent like 20 minutes in the audition room.

What the fuck?!

What was I going to do? I sat there looking to the playmate wanna-be and tacky bubble-maker for advise! I called my agent to tell him two of my three talents were technically not allowed since they were a monologue from a TV show and a popular aria. I was hoping that would be my ticket out of there, but I was told to just perform them anyway.

As 6 turned into 6:15 I began to feel nauseous. Even though the rehearsal process for the musicals has been frustrating and I knew things wouldn't start on time, I still had to try to be in NoHo for the dress rehearsal by 7! BUT - I was going to get $200 for doing twenty minutes of talent! Not to mention the fact that this was the first thing my agent had sent me on. "WTF do I do?"

The other two women told me they thought this was not the only audition day; indeed, I asked the woman I had given my paperwork to and she said if I came back when they started at 9 in the morning it would be better for them anyway. I agreed; she kept my paperwork and I kept the $20 bill I was given for bringing two changes of clothes (The $200 would be mailed.)

I left at 6:35 and got totally hung up in traffic. I didn't get to the theatre, only about nine miles away, until 7:20. I was right, I hadn't missed anything. The musical I have a main part in went well because the director had forced us to over rehearse; I've mentioned in passing that I'm in two musicals... The second is a smaller role in another of the short musicals that's part of the festival. It has been a disaster with too few rehearsals. The lead had only managed to make it to two and was neither memorized or even really aware of the shows premise. Although the five short musicals are collectively called "The 10s," all of them are running between 13 and 15 minutes, except the second train wreck I'm in. It ran a painful 22 minutes so we had to stay until after 11 tonight; a rehearsal that is all the fault of the irresponsible lead.

Anyway, I'm very tired, but was faced with a shitty realization when I got back to my apartment. My roommate warned me that having an audition at 9 a.m. and then making it to Universal by 10 a.m. is not too likely. Although the two locations are only 4 miles apart, pretty much the only way to get there is via the highway and that time frame is still rush-hourish.

One of the perks of the Tour Guide position is its flexibility for actors; like today, I left early without question or pay deduction. But tomorrow is the one day they advised us to absolutely not be late, leave early or miss. We're taking a walking tour of the back lot! We're basically getting what the $199 VIP Experience pass gets you. I'll be able to take pictures on some of the most famous sets in TV and film! We're meeting at a location that takes 15 minutes to walk to and punctuality was stressed.

So what the fuck was I thinking when I said I'd do the audition at 9 a.m.? I have no idea! At other times, like getting to the audition or when I go to my nearby acting class, it takes about 10 minutes from the time I pass Universal... I guess I thought if I was at the audition first and left by 9:30, I'd be fine. I guess I also though morning rush hour would be over by then. But I'm not a morning person, so I don't know what the fuck I thought I knew about morning rush hour!

So I have been totally stressing!

Do I get there at 8:30 in hopes that the crew is early too and I can leave by 9:15?

Should I do the audition and be late to my training? After all, training pays $8 an hours while this audition gets me an instant $200!

How is it that I've managed to book and get to three film auditions and in two musicals BY MYSELF, yet the photo shoot and degrading "hot girl" audition my agent has sent me on have been a nightmares?! I can't begin to stomach the call I will have to make if I don't do this audition: "No, I didn't make the $200 for doing virtually nothing... Why? Because I had to get to a musical that isn't paying me anything and then a training that pays $8 an hour."

I can't stand the idea of seeming unreliable, irresponsible and stupid. I've been thinking about the stress of trying to get through the audition quickly and then pray to the traffic gods that the highway be clear... But then I stopped to ask myself question: Which of these things is really more important - staying on the good side of bosses at a long-term job that pays peanuts but has great perks and opportunities or not pissing off an agent I don't even like and getting a quick $200 for footage I'll have no control over?

When I put it like that, I don't know why I let myself give this a minute of worry. I can't risk being late tomorrow - that would be absurd! Yes, agreeing to the 9 a.m. audition was stupid on my part, but I can't fear the judgment of an agent I don't like and didn't even think I still had! I don't even know what his cut would have been - no more that $20, so hopefully he'll be understanding when I play the "dumb new girl forgot about the traffic" card. Honestly, the fact that he sent me out on something so stupid confirms how shitty of an agent he is. I should stop assuming he's going to drop me and drop him first!

Let me know if you think I made the right decision and wish me luck on opening night!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Webcams: The Best Thing $80 Can Buy!!!

For the past two days I have actually SEEN my boyfriend, cat, dog and home in Ohio! It's amazing! It made me cry and almost made me late to my acting class, but it was totally worth it.

For the cost of the webcams, we can talk and see each other via the web for free... Well, for the time being I can see him; my webcam's in the mail.

Have you ever wondered what your animals do when you're not home? Well, I'm going to try to find out what mine do! This afternoon my boyfriend put the camera in the hall where our dog always sleeps so I could keep a "live feed" open. Unfortunately I lost the connection, but hopefully we can work those kinks out.

I try not to let myself get excited about anything until it's really happening; now that I've seen my beau and my camera's in the mail for him to see me, I'm realizing how truly amazing this is! My life has changed so much and our schedules have been a nightmare. We always talk a few times a day, but lately one or the other of us is either half asleep or distracted; I am so eager for all the ways being able to see each other, in addition to speaking, will help maintain our long-distance connection.

More Casting "Reality"

This crap cracks me up for a split second, then I get frustrated that it's in the way of the real breakdowns I'm trying to filter through... Nonetheless, I figure you find it interesting that these "real people" are cast from actors booking sites:

Reality TV
1 hour reality for CBS

Exec. Prods. Bertram van Munster, Jerry
Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman
Casting Director: Lynne Spillman
Shoot/Start Date: Late October - November 2008
Pay Rate: Prize money
Location: Worldwide


This is not a celebrity edition, but we have had interest in the past from celebrity types that wanted to participate. Please submit star names only.

Teams of two with a pre-existing relationship


Reality TV

Casting Director: A. James
Shoot/Start Date: Summer, tk
Pay Rate: yes, tk
Location: Los Angeles

Bravo's latest hit docu-series, 'The Millionaire Matchmaker,' returns for a second season of exciting romantic introductions with real-life cupid, Patti Stanger, founder of a Los Angeles-based exclusive matchmaking service that helps the wealthy elite secure lasting & rewarding relationships.

We're looking for eligible single women who are ready to meet the love of their life. Selected participants will gain the benefit of working with Patti Stanger of The Millionaire's Club and potentially meeting the millionaire of their dreams. Must be at least 21 years-old.



{Private} Production Company produces hit shows
for major networks.
Casting Director: Michelle Metzner, CSA
Interview Dates: Within the next few weeks
Shoot/Start Date: Beginning of July
Pay Rate: Wedding Vendors, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
Location: Los Angeles and surrounding

Additional Project Info: This is a SPECIAL for Style Network.

Looking for REAL couples who are getting married in September- who would like to lose weight with our help!

Special Notes: Style Network is gearing up for it's WEDDING WEEK! This show will feature 2 couples who need to lose weight before their wedding (for any reason; the bride must fit into her dress, the groom wants to look great on his honeymoon...)
We will have an amazing Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist to help you achieve your ultimate weight goal BEFORE your wedding! AND each week you hit your goal; you will be rewarded with professional wedding vendors-one week could be your FLOWERS, the next week could be CATERING!!

This is a FUN, FEEL-GOOD show & definitely an awesome opportunity!
SO, FREE nutritionist, FREE personal trainer, and FREE top-of-the-line wedding vendors! Submit now!

Must be 18-36, must be getting married in September '08 in Southern California. Both people must need to lose between 10-30 pounds. We will tape you once a week for 6 weeks before the wedding (6 week regimen with our expert nutritionist & personal trainer)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I need an iPhone or Crackberry just to keep up!


1 - 4: musical rehearsal
5 - 7:30: musical tech run-through
8 - nearly midnight: acting class


10 - 5: Universal training
7 - ?: acting class

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Non-Union Feature Film Audition

After a few really hectic days, I'm happy to have nothing but evening musical run-throughs tonight. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, so lets start with what I think many of you may find most interesting...

This past Tuesday I had an audition for a non-union feature film. A feature film! What does that mean, exactly? Well, "non-union" indicates they don't have the budget to hire SAG (Screen Actors Guild) actors andI believe "feature film" means it's full length, as opposed to a short film. So, no, this is not likely a film that will be "coming to a theatre near you..." Unless, of course, it's a good flick and they can get picked-up by a major distribution company. Only time will tell.

I submitted for the supporting role of "Nurse Hicks" via an online posting. The breakdown said it will film in both LAs - Los Angeles and Louisiana with the following story line, "In a series of dramatic 'Crash'-like vignettes, Lafayette citizens' tolerance, thresholds, belief systems and lifestyles transform after individuals face wins, losses, suffering and death. Though many will not see another day break, those who adjust, live on."

I received an email letting me know I'd been selected from the submissions to audition for the part, along with sides (my lines) and a time and location.

I knew from the address that I was going to Beverly Hills, but I did not anticipate being a block from Rodeo Drive! I had given myself an extra half hour, and it's a good thing, because I used every last second of it. Beverly Hills was insane! It was incredibly busy with people everywhere and not a single free parking spot. It was another one of those situations where it was not immediately obvious where the hell all these people were coming from or going! Yes, there were shops, restaurants and business buildings all around, but it was crazy for 2 p.m. on a weekday!

The nice thing is that Beverly Hills does have extra, metered, public parking. I can't really call them garages because they're just two levels with maybe 30 spaces total. They're on the corners, taking up the full width of the block; the frustrating part is that you can only enter from one of the three streets it touches and exit onto aother, even though those streets aren't necessarily one-way. Not realizing this at first, I made the completely honest mistake of entering one of them the wrong way. Of course I felt an immediate reaction of stress, embarrassment and fear that an authority had seen me.

On the other side of the full lot, I sat trying to exit from the entrance, waiting for traffic and beginning to panic that I was going to be late to my audition. Directly in front of me was the exit to another parking lot. I watched two cars leave. Just like that fear and embarrassment disappeared and I zipped across four lanes of traffic, under another "exit only" sign and into a space. Finally! Getting around a single block in Beverly Hills was taking like five minutes!

Nevermind my lines, I rushed down the street repeating the address in my head. After waiting for a light and crossing a street, I realized I must have missed it. Indeed, it was in a two story, nondescript, older looking, brick building that seemed more like a large private residence. Once inside though, there were halls of offices; the names on the door indicated everything from psychologists to PR firms.

Per the instructions, I signed in at a certain door and then waited outside the back door where there was a lovely area shaded by beautiful trees off a private parking area. It had several empty spots in it, but I didn't even allow myself to go down that path of angry, negative thought. I had walked in the building a minute late, but luckily the two people before me were still waiting their turns.

Finally a gentleman escorted me into the room, which was about the size of the large master closet I left in Ohio! I'm talking a cramped 9x9. In it, a woman sat at a small table, behind which a camera and stage light faced the far wall which was covered by a blue backdrop. A square for the actors to stand in was marked with tape on the floor and a second gentleman, the reader, sat on a stool to the right/behind me.

I gave the women the two hard copies of my headshot/resume that the email had requested and clarified the pronunciation of one of the names I had to say. They were all very personable, but unfortunately, the reader gave a deadpan performance, which I have been warned about! He delivered his lines in complete monotone without an ounce of inflection or intention. I've been told sometimes readers are behind-the-scenes types who have no acting ability, sometimes they've read it so many times in a given day they just don't care anymore and other times they do it on purpose to be jackasses, I mean, to test how you act without anything to actually react to.

Rewind - before I began they asked me to slate into the camera whenever I was ready. "SHIT!" I thought to myself... I had slated before and I knew what that meant, but suddenly I wasn't sure what I should say for this exact circumstance. A slate is the black and white sign with the stripped arm that is snapped at the beginning of scenes in a TV show or movie. When you're auditioning "to slate" means verballing giving information about yourself, as producer and directors will later watch your recorded performance. For competitions at IMTA we'd slate with our names and IMTA number and my acting teacher had reminded me not to say my name in a slate like a question - ie: don't inflect up at the end, rather always say your name like a confident statement.

Yet, in that moment, I thought "Shit - is it just my name, or is there other information?" So I looked into the camera and confidently stated "My Name for Nurse Hicks." My roommate later confirmed that what I said was fine and some times they even want you to slate then do a 90 degree turn so the camera captures your profile.

As for the scene itself, it had a bit of a sci-fi feel to it. In short, the nurse has to tell a patient who has just woken up that he now has a robotic limb; she has to physically keep him from getting out of bed, then shoots him with a taser, all the while she's happy the procedure has worked and the project is moving forward. Obviously my ability to perform that forceful action had to be implied with my energy and only slightly mimed. That, along with the monotone reader, was a challenge. I did it once, then the women gave me notes to do it a bit "softer and more feminine," perhaps hinting at the possibility of a history between these two characters. Me, be more feminine? No problem! I took that direction, did it again, and went on my way.

So that was it! Thirty minutes of driving to the location, twenty minutes of trying to find a parking spot and not hit a debutante and her purse dog, fifty cents in a meter and twenty minutes of waiting all for maybe four minutes of acting in a closet-sized room! It's really not that exciting and not at all glamorous!

I've not heard back and in this town, no news is bad news. That's okay though, now I know what that experience is like. Anywhere from six months to a year or two from now, remind me to try to find the film Another Day Break to see if I missed out or was lucky not to be cast and who did get the part!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I hate karaoke and other negative sentiments

I try to stay positive and upbeat, honest I do, but sometimes…

Yesterday was crazy – I had rehearsal first thing in the morning, followed by a brief moment to get my things together before an audition. Then I killed a little bit of time in a coffee shop because it didn’t make sense to drive back to my place before my acting class…

After class, I was talked into going to a karaoke night. UHG!

“But you’re a singer?” You’re all thinking, with confusion.

Yes, I’m a singer but I loath karaoke because of that fact! #1. I’m classically trained which means I can not sing most of what is played on the radio and in a karaoke book. #2. When people know you’re “a singer” the increased expectation of how you’ll do is awful. #3. I can never hear myself or the right pitch when I’m trying to sing to the horrible digital accompaniment. I could go on and on… It just doesn’t fit my performance style. I’m too much or an uppity perfectionist to be able to let loose and enjoy karaoke.

I thought about all of this as we stood on the street making plans after the acting class. I was so tired; I won’t consume a drop of alcohol if I’m driving myself, in addition to the fact that I’m lacking in funds and not about to waste them on booze or bar food; the place was in Korea town, which I haven’t heard great things about; oh yeah, and I hate karaoke. BUT – aside from all of that – I knew I’d feel ten times worse if I went back to my apartment. I know I need to make some damn friends.

So I found myself at a place called the Brass Monkey! I was so relieved to walk in to some of the worst singing I’d ever heard! I decided to sing “Love Song” by Sarah Berallis, a current hit. I thought it was a good choice for me – I totally nail it when I sing along to the radio. LOL!

Why do I do this to myself? I knew better!

It was a disaster. As usual, popular songs I can sing to on the radio feel way to low for my soprano voice when I try to sing them solo. Then you’re mind goes from “Crap! This is way too low for me” to “OMG – what if I’m just totally off pitch!” Luckily the group of people I was with were so cool, but I was totally embarrassed.

The rest of the night was a lot of fun and despite my throat hurting today from trying to talk over the music, and singing along with half the songs, I’m glad I went out… That is until I returned to my apartment at 2 a.m. to remember that my roommate’s mom had gotten into town!

I had flown out the door to my audition yesterday, leaving the ironing board set up, my bed unmade, my bathroom a disaster… I know I shouldn’t care what people think of me, but I really don’t want my roommate’s mom to think I’m crazy, messy or irresponsible.

Today all I had was a rehearsal from 2 to 4. It was an exasperating waste of time – but that’s another post. So I’m in one of those moods. I just don’t feel like doing anything, I’m stressed about money, I’m tired, my face is broken out, I’m lonely… But I hate just vegging out in front of other people, especially someone else’s mom, it makes me feel like a total loser.

I realize the correct verbiage is, I make myself feel like a total loser. I don’t know what she thinks of me, and again, I shouldn’t care.

My roommate’s working tonight and her mom is here organizing her things. Ah! Wait – there it is – a positive realization! While it would be nice if my parents visited and did my laundry, that’s not going to happen, and that gives me the right to have a shitty day and lay on my love seat and watch my TV!!!

Actually, I have to go to the grocery…
but you know what I mean!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wi-fi at Buzz Coffee in West Hollywood: Free

Meter parking in Beverly Hills for the audition I just had: 50 Cents

A small vanilla mocha and a blueberry muffin to fulfill the plastic-usage minimum: 6 Dollars

Acting class tonight in Hollywood: 43 Dollars

Living my dreams: Priceless

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Celebrity Look-a-like?

I just saw a breakdown for "a young (No older than 25) celebrity lookalike (for any star in that age range) in for a party scene in a Malibu Mansion. Speaking role dialogue improvised)."

It's a rush call for an indipendent film that shoots this evening. It pays $100, so I googled Hollywood Starlets to decide who I look like! In the past I've been likened to Jennifer Garner, Amanda Peet, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jeanne Tripplehorn, a soap star whose name no one can ever recall and I don't agree with this one, but I've been told one of my serious headshots looks Hilary Swank-ish.

Since none of those women fit the age range, I submitted that I could be Rachel Bilson (Jumper, The OC) or Ann Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada, Brokeback Mountain, The Princess Diaries).

Are those a stretch? Who do you think I look like?

It's hard to say if I'll get a call; the $100 would be nice, but there is a huge danger in being a look-a-like. One of the managers I had lunch with a few weeks a go told me the following story:

"A young actress, lets call her "Jane" arrived in LA just after Jenny McCarthy had hit it big with her sexy body and funny facial expressions. Everywhere Jane went everyone was telling her how much she looked and acted like Jenny McCarthy! Word spread quickly and before she knew it, Jane was getting calls from everyone! In LA there are five top agencies and even one of them called Jane; they wined her and dined her with breakfast, lunch and dinner and before she knew it, Jane was signing on the dotted line! But Jane never worked a day in LA."

"Let me guess," I said, "Jane's back in Kansas because it was Jenny McCarthy's agency that signed her?"

"Exactly!" the manager said, shocked I beat him to the punchline. At the risk of sounding really conceited, I think people in LA are used to others in LA being really dumb. Either that or I must look dumb, because I've impressed several people with what I find to be basic knowledge or common sense.

Anyway, it's better to be original and make sure you never sign with someone who already represents an actor that is too much like you. Although, for the purpose of an indie film and a hundred bucks, hopefully I look just enough like one of the ladies listed above!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yes, I’m cute – get over it!

Last night my roommate and I were commiserating about most people back home thinking that living in LA must be so exciting and glamorous. Nope. Not really.

For example, it’s 10 p.m. on a freaking Friday night and I’m alone in my apartment watching TV. How did I spend my evening… doing something I’ll never do again, that’s how!

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the difficulties of relocating to such a huge city is trying to find new stores – figuring out which are nice, have good prices, parking, are in good neighborhoods…

Tonight I found myself at a Home Depot about three miles from my place, in North Hollywood. All I needed was a single pot to transplant the bromeliad “babies” my mama plant has spawned. What I found were a bunch of ugly over priced pots in the worst Home Depot I have ever been in. It was congested, with ladders and stock left in the aisles and zero customer service.

Those who know me well know that I hate believing or perpetuating stereotypes, but the worst part of tonight was abundance of Hispanic construction workers buying their supplies. The outfit I was wearing didn’t help matters.

I had on a classy, flowy, knee-length, white Banana Republic skirt with a pastel plaid midriff halter which exposes most of my back and four inches of my stomach. It’s a great outfit that you may have seen in a photo shoot I did about a year ago.

No, no one made any comments or cat calls toward me, but the looks were almost as bad. It was 96* today, so it’s not like my outfit was inappropriate and I just don’t understand what people think staring will accomplish.

Since being here, I have gotten cat calls, which further baffle me. If a man thinks a woman is attractive, he has to know leering or whistling will never make her say, “oo baby let’s get it on in the bed of your busted pickup truck!” Or, when I’m walking and they’re driving, with no chance of actually coming in contact, what the hell is the point of yelling out the window? Why? Why the fuck exert the energy? I don’t even think it’s sexist or chauvinistic because I can’t get past how illogical it is!

I though for a brief moment, whether I’m in Hispanic North Hollywood or my snowy white Ohio town, I probably shouldn’t go into a male dominated store looking all cute. But wait, who the fuck just wrote that? NOT ME! It’s 2008 and I will wear what I want, where I want, when I want! I will be who I am and I will not apologize for meeting the current beauty standards. I am not shocked that people might notice certain things and I acknowledge that I “put it out there.” BUT – it is no one’s right to assume who I put it out there for or why, and I expect a certain level of respect and decorum that every person should afford to every other person!

Though my skirt was knee-length, the issue and my stance are best articulated in Eve Ensler’s poem “Short Skirt” featured in the Vagina Monologues and notably performed by Calista Flockhart:

It is not an invitation
a provocation
an indication
that I want it…

My short skirt
is not begging for it...

My short skirt, believe it or not
has nothing to do with you.

My short skirt is not proof
that I am stupid…

My short skirt is my defiance
I will not let you make me afraid
My short skirt is not showing off
this is who I am
before you made me cover it
or tone it down.
Get used to it.

My short skirt is happiness
I can feel myself on the ground.
I am here. I am hot.

My short skirt is a liberation
flag in the women's army
I declare these streets, any streets…

But mainly my short skirt
and everything under it
is Mine.

Click here for the whole poem.

Okay, so I’m clearly not apologizing for how I look… Next thought, “I just need to stop going to sketchy places in NoHo.” Even if I know I’m not in danger, I still shouldn’t go where I just don’t feel comfortable for any reason. Of course, my overly analytical, sensitive and politically correct mind immediately jumped to, “Oh my gawd! Am I a racist for recognizing the main demographic of a community which I ultimately deem undesirable with shitty stores and an unpleasant atmosphere?!?!"

It’s not just financially, logistically and emotionally difficult; LA challenges you in every way – your beliefs, ethics and what you thought you knew about yourself.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is there a pill to make you a morning person?

Today all I had to do was go to a rehearsal from 2 to 5 p.m.

So my alarm started going off at 11 a.m. and I snoozed for at least a half hour until I finally rolled over and reached for my laptop, which always leans on the side of my bed. The last thing I do each night is send my boyfriend an email and the first thing I do every morning is read his reply…

I spend a good 45 minutes perusing the internet- submitting for roles on the booking websites I subscribe to, catching up on gossip on a few of my old cyber haunts, briefly chatting with someone (now that Facebook has a chat function that I forgot to set to invisible/unavailable).

Then my boyfriend called me during his hour lunch break, only for me to realize, “It’s after 12:30 here, I have to get ready for rehearsal!” I should have been able to quickly throw on clothes and makeup and call him back with plenty of time to spare, but no… I had to iron a garment, and then I spilled something on my bathroom rug, so I had to dig out my detergent to soak it…

Anyway, I called him back at 1:30 and we spoke briefly while I drove to rehearsal.

My point is- this is something I hate about myself- I don’t do anything until the first thing I have to do on any given day. Even if I set my alarm earlier, I’m a sleeper, and if I know I don’t have to get up, I don’t. Anyone else could have run several errands before a 2 p.m. rehearsal, but not me. Given the time difference, my lazy, sleepy ass makes taking care of left over Ohio business is virtually impossible!

In my own defense, I can and do get up when I have to. I used to get up at 4 or 5 a.m. for the company I worked for this spring in Ohio (I still technically work for them, but haven’t gotten any “gigs” here in LA with them). I became accustom to waking that early during college when I was part of a competitive academic team that traveled several weekends each semester.

Next week, I purposely scheduled an appointment with the Universal Studio’s HR department for 8:30 a.m. just to ensure that I actually have a productive day.

I hate being this way, I hate it!!! But I’m just not a morning person; I’ve tried to convert, but what can I say, I’m a devout pillow worshiper!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a Universal Studios Tour Guide!... in training.

An hour after my final interview this afternoon I found out that I am a trainee to become a Universal Studios Tour Guide! After three weeks of paid classroom and field training I will have to pass a certification. For my last job I was certified to present ninety minutes of information after just a weekend of training, so I'm pretty confident.

I'm told that on average 70% of the trainees pass and those who don't usually admit it was due to their own lacking commitment.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And the countdown starts over…

Yesterday my boyfriend bought a plane ticket to come back out in a month to see me in the short musical festival! :)

My roommate had warned me that the days after someone visits always suck. I don’t think it’s merely a self fulfilling prophecy; I have had good reasons to want to stay curled up in my bed…

Yesterday morning I was awaken out of a deep, groggy sleep by my cell’s ring tone “If you are what you say you are, a super star…”

I squinted to see the name on the screen. The director of my musical! I flung my body to the other side of my bed to read
10:09 on my clock. Fuck! Rehearsal had started at 10. My heart sank and I answered, “I’m sorry, I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

In college I used every excuse you can imagine for tardiness and to get out of things and I was amazed to find how infinitely worse it felt when the excuse was the truth! Maybe because I’ve been such an excuse-using-liar in the past, I desperately did not want anyone to think that was the case… Although, is it really that much better to be an irresponsible, non-morning-person, over sleeper?

I threw on the outfit I had worn Saturday night when my boyfriend and I had gone shopping and to dinner – the same outfit I had worn the next morning to take him to the airport and ended up keeping on all day… I tend to shower at night and sleep with my hair in a bun; my still wet, wonderfully smelling tresses made me think, “Will they assume I took the time to shower?!” After brushing my teeth and grabbing my music and bottle of water I was out the door ten minutes and at the theatre in another ten.

All the way there that burning feeling of fear, anxiety and embarrassment sat in that place between my stomach and chest. Due to traffic between San Diego and LA I had also been late to the first rehearsal on Thursday morning and had deemed myself unavailable and missed another rehearsal over the weekend. Again, the original information said the project would not begin until the 21st and no, this is not a paying gig! Thus, I had not worried about this weekend, but now… late again!… I drove there wondering, “Are they thinking they made a bad choice by casting me?”

I racked my brain and could think of only one other instance of legitimate over sleeping. I’ve been told that in the industry you’re never actually supposed to say “I’m sorry.” I guess it shows weakness and it certainly doesn’t change any situation. I struggled with how to let everyone know that I was aware of my irresponsibility without profusely apologizing all over myself! I’m pretty sure the embarrassment was evident, as the director and composer both gave me hugs. I found the opportunity to say, “You’re all now among a very short list of people to see me without makeup in public!” A fellow actress laughed, “I used to be like that, but then I had a kid!”

This was the first time I’d be meeting the actor playing my character’s boyfriend. I am ashamed to admit I derive a lot of confidence from how I look and I thought to myself, “Holy shit, I’m really going to have to act to find confidence in myself to create chemistry with this guy!” It didn’t matter anyway… I’m 99% sure he’s gay! Ha!


So it was fine… I felt like shit but it was fine and if it had to happen, I’m just glad it was for a nonpaying gig. The line of the day was after rehearsal to my boyfriend, “Guess who’s wearing the same clothes for a third day in a row and was late to rehearsal…?”

Feeling like a total loser, I went back to my apartment to try to deal with AT&T who, I sincerely believe, takes great pleasure in making phone and internet installation as difficult as humanly possible!

For a second day in a row the desk I not only want, but desperately need, was not delivered… Over a week ago at an incredibly shitty furniture store in NoHo I found a gem! When I went a second time to buy it, a second salesperson wouldn’t sell it to me for the price I was originally quoted; the first guy told me to call first and come back when "the angry Asian man,” as I call him, wasn’t there. I had hoped I could get it Saturday when my boyfriend could help me attempt to transport it in two trips in my trunk, but the angry Asian was working. The first guy offered to drop it off curb side to me Sunday, but then forgot to drive his truck to work! Yesterday he didn't call me like he said he would, so I called the store only to hear the angry Asian man say he wasn't there. I am so sick of being unorganized with all my stuff on the floor! I’m about to just pay what the angry Asian man wants, it would still be a pretty good deal… Or is that their plan – to frustrate me into a higher price?

Finally, I can not for the life of me find a salon to fill and hand file my acrylic nails. “Hand file” being the key word because those horrible little machines are unsanitary, painful and sound like the dentist!

Now I need to go attempt to make my nails look half way decent on my own and get ready for my final Universal Studios tour guide interview!

Monday, May 12, 2008

West, Studio, Valley, Santa, who...???

I realized I keep mentioning areas: West Hollywood, Studio City, The Valley, Venice Beach...

You may have heard that LA is an extremely sprawling city, but prior to moving here I didn't know what that meant or much of anything about its geography.

Basically the famed and expensive Hollywood Hills separate "The Valley" from LA, Hollywood, West Hollywood and all the beach communities. Here are a few different maps for you to get a better idea where/what in the hell I'm talking about:

- As I've mentioned before, if you're leaving your community, you really need to give yourself like an hour to be on the safe side.

- Taking the highways 14 miles from my apartment in Studio City to LAX has consistently taken about a half hour around noon; but that could easily double or triple in rush hour traffic.

- San Diego is about 130 miles south; this weekend I made two round trips there ranging from 2 and a half to nearly a full 3 hours in really shitty traffic... I guess in comparison that's not terrible; Toledo to Cleveland is about 115 miles and on the Turnpike that takes an hour and a half to 2 hours.

- When looking for an apartment it's always important to consider proximity to the the highways. I loved temporarily living in West Hollywood, but it took 20 to 30 minutes just to get out of the congestion and into other areas or onto a highway.

- You have to always remember to add 10 to 15 minutes to find parking!

- I have found many grocery stores, drug stores, McDonald's and Bed Bath and Beyond have free costumer parking lots; I make purchases at these stores, even if it's just a small soda, then leave my car in the lot and walk to neighboring locations. Keeping a time limit in mind of course.

- Surface streets are usually tolerable. It takes me 10 to 15 minutes to go about 3 and a half miles into North Hollywood to either Target or the theatre for musical rehearsals.

- Hollywood is both a figurative term and three literal areas. West Hollywood is a happening neighborhood nestled between Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills. Hollywood has all the landmarks like the Chinese Theatre and Walk of Fame, but it's not somewhere you want to walk alone at night. North Hollywood is in The Valley and while it's only a few blocks away from my apartment, it's not an address my roommate was comfortable having. They're trying to revitalize it with the NoHo Arts district, but overall it's a tad sketchy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

And the driving begins...

My boyfriend is in Cali this weekend for a company convention in San Diego, which started last night and ends tomorrow morning. I'm attending with him- the food's great, hotel's beautiful and tonight's entertainment is Reba McEntire!

We've know about this event for months... But I was asked two days ago to be at a rehearsal this morning in North Hollywood! The original "breakdown" or logistics about a production said it started on the 21st, but the new director wanted to get the ball rolling. Wanting to be professional and having an inability to say no to things, I woke up at 6 a.m. to drive nearly three hours back to The Valley this morning. Hopefully the traffic back to San Diego is better...

My boyfriend flies out Sunday morning, so don't expect much else posted here until then. ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I never thought I'd be so happy about the delivery of a mattress, but after a month on a futon or air mattress, I am on cloud nine!
Well, actually I'm on a Simmons Euro top, but whatever...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Becoming a Universal Studio Tour Guide: Round 2

Last Friday I drove to Universal Studios (conveniently under fifteen minutes from my apartment, also in The Valley) for an open call to be a Universal Studios tour guide.

NBC/Universal is not only the number one studio in terms of filming television shows and movies, it’s also a theme park and major tourist attraction. They hold an open call for new seasonal tour guides only once a year.

The first round was very quick! Near the general ticket booths and the popular landmarks seen below, I entered a
VIP area. After filling out a short contact info form I ascended a staircase to a beautiful VIP lounge with movie poster, stunning plants and a bar. Manager types sat at three stately wooden tables, quickly reviewing your resume and having a mere two minute conversation with each applicant. Just like that, the first round was over.

I wish I could say the same for the online application I had to fill out; its twenty pages of personality questions took forever!

Having received a callback from the initial open call, I attended a second round audition this afternoon at a nearby hotel. About sixty actor-types assembled and for the first two hours the pros and cons of the job were reviewed. Thank goodness that executive speaking had started as a guide himself and therefore broke up the logistics with wit.

They are very straightforward about the pros being amazing, while the cons are so, so bad! The pros are listed in a previous entry and the main drawback is the income. You’d think a skill-base position with a multi-step screening process would pay well, but it starts at $9.50 an hour and new employees are “seasonal” or part time. NO
ONE can live in LA on $9.50 an hour full time, let alone part time.

Before a fifteen minute break we were told that there were absolutely no hard feelings if we didn’t return; they understand that it’s just not for everyone. To my surprise less than a dozen people left; forty-seven returned for the audition.

After the break we were given nametag stickers with a letter/number code printed on them; we were sitting in five rows of eight to ten and each row represented a letter (A to E) and each person was a number (1 to 10). Each row took turns going in front of the group completing the following three audition tasks:

#1. Cold Read

We were given a section of the guide script; each paragraph was numbered. After about a minute to read over it, we went down the line reading our designated paragraph, elementary school reading time style. Obviously they were looking for people who didn’t merely read, but also had personality and were articulate and vocally strong.

#2. Improv

A manager started a story and each auditionee had to continue it for about twenty to thirty seconds until the manager rang a bell and the next person took over. It was like a game played on Who’s Line is it Anyway? As I recall, the topic starters all related to celebrity gossip and quickly morphed into hysterical tales. The point of this was to test our listening skills and see if we could think on our feet.

#3. Pageant Questions

Finally, two of the manager/executive types took turns asking each person a single question. They were anything from “Where are you from and why should I visit?” “Name a non-family member who inspires you,” to “What’s your favorite movie,” “Who’s the most over/under rated actor?” and “Living or dead who do you want to have supper with?” This was to further test our ability to think quickly and see if we’re personable. At one point someone joked it was like the Miss America pageant.

My group read the part of the script about the making of Jaws. I was rather proud of myself in the next two parts of the challenge! Earlier two women had dissed actress Scarlett Johansson; the manager couldn’t resist making our story that she and Ryan Reynolds had gotten married and… The two women in front of me talked about them boarding a plane, but the paparazzi followed them in flight!

When the bell rang I said: “So they made an emergency landing in
Iowa… Unlike LA, where people think she’s overrated, people in Iowa love Scarlett so they threw them a huge party to celebrate their wedding with all the fixins!” Ring. I got really good laughs on “Iowa,” the overrated reference and “fixins.” Although, I wasn’t going for one with “fixins.” I guess my Midwest is showing!

For the question, the woman before me was asked to choose between American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Noting my nonverbal agreement to her choice of Idol the manager asked me, “So you’re also an American Idol fan?”

“Sort of, but I’m a bad fan…” I shook my hands back and forth.

“Okay, do you know who’s left?”

“Crap!” I thought to myself, “Actually no. I recently moved, so I really haven’t caught much TV for the past month,” I answered, thinking it was going badly.

“Okay, well, pretend you’re at a cocktail party and give me four statements about Idol that you would make to keep people from knowing you really haven’t followed this season.”

Sweet redemption! What a great question!

Holding a pretend cocktail glass in my hand I replied, “Yeah, she was totally off pitch, Dog… So where do you think we can get what Paula’s on this season; I’ll be we have to go down to
Tijuana!... When is Seacrest going to come out already, I mean, come on!!... Yeah, the guy with the funky hair is defiantly the winner…”

I got huge laughs, I mean HUGE! I have to wonder though, would "which hot chick do you think Simon is doing?" have been better than the hair one? I thought it, but didn't want to deliver two adult jokes. The story telling exercises tended toward sex and drug jokes and while it was all really funny, I wondered if it worked against some people since it's a family venue and real tour guides surely have to keep their humor pretty clean.

I was in the fifth and final row and after we were done the four manager/executive types asked for a moment to tally the scores. It didn’t take long at all for them to thank us all and say if they did NOT read our letter/number we could go, but if they did we needed to stay to schedule a final, regular, twenty minute, one-on-one interview.

They had said they were looking for twenty to twenty-five people to move on to the third round and indeed, half the room was cleared. As you might imagine, the people who sat in the front row were go-getters and seven out of ten of them moved on. I was in the last row; only three of eight of my fellow Es made the cut.

And YES, I was one of them! My third round interview's next week.

Casting "Reality"

Do you ever wonder how people get to be on reality shows? Well, two of the online booking sites (which I have yet to explain in depth) that ACTORS pay to subscribe to have listings like this all the time:

Monday, May. 5, 2008, 12:13 PM Pacific
Addendum to 4/28 12:06 PM

Reality TV
Season 8 of the hit series

Casting Director: Sara Zeluff
Shoot/Start Date: Ongoing
Pay Rate: TBD
Location: Los Angeles & Denver, CO


(REAL people, not a scripted role) Both parties acknowledge that the marriage isn’t working, but want to at least get back to the point that they can appreciate the qualities that attracted them to each other in the first place.

(REAL people, not a scripted role) A divorce with a teenage kid or two who is motivating the trade to get his/her divorced parents to get along better.

(REAL people, not a scripted role) Teen or older step siblings that are competing for the attention of parents

(REAL people, not a scripted role) Must have some sort of rivalry or dispute you want to settle & repair through trading spaces.

(REAL people, not a scripted role) Must have some sort of rivalry or dispute you want to settle & repair through trading spaces.

(REAL people, not a scripted role) Must have some sort of rivalry or dispute you want to settle & repair through trading spaces.

(REAL people, not a scripted role) No rivalry needed here. Just someone who wants to trade spaces with a secret crush!


OR ANOTHER TYPE OF SINGER) (REAL people, not a scripted role) Competing country stars or other types of singers wanted to trade spaces. Can be amateur or professional.

Synopsis: This season we’re looking for homeowners with rooms that need a redo and relationships in need of repair. Do you have a rival who you’d like to trade spaces with in the hopes of resolving your issues? Do you have a problem that you want to try to resolve through patience, power tools & fun? The format is the same: 2 rooms, 2 days, $1000 per room, and all your favorite designers. But this season, the stakes are even higher.


Attention Orange County Clear Your Acne Now!!!

Infomercial, Non-Union

Posted: 5/5/2008

Union Status Non-Union

Rate no pay but participants receive free product

Submissions Due By 5/9/2008

Director Sam Najah

Producer Carly Portalupi

Production Company Launch DRTV

Audition Dates Saturday May 10, 2008

Audition Location

Irvine Spectrum

Irvine CA

Shoot/Performance Dates

Saturday May 10, 2008

Shoot/Performance Location

Irvine Spectrum



Featured / Male or Female / African Am, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic / 14-34
Attention Orange County CLEAR YOUR ACNE NOW! / Featured / Male or Female / African Am, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic / 14-34

Do you suffer from acne breakouts or red, irritated skin? Have you already tried countless products that just don’t work for you? Are you ready to put your best face forward, and show the world the REAL YOU?

Then it’s time to get that clear, soft beautiful skin you’ve always wanted!

We’re looking for people of all ages groups and skin-types who are finally ready to say goodbye to breakouts once and for all. The product we’re promoting was developed by one of the world’s top dermatologists. If selected to participate in this program, you will receive a free supply of the complete acne fighting system. To document your success, we will take a BEFORE photograph just prior to the start of the program. followed by an AFTER photograph once your skin is clear. You’ll also be interviewed on camera so you can share your story with others!

You must live in the southern California area to be considered. We’re looking for fun, outgoing, REAL people who want to see REAL RESULTS and share their story with the world. We’re also interested in featuring people who have special events coming up such as weddings, reunions, anniversaries etc.

Millions of people just like you have already gotten clear, soft beautiful skin using this skin care system. So if you’re ready to get clear and stay clear, put your best face forward, and show the world the REAL YOU,(plus get some on camera experience) then submit a recent photo and a few words about how you would feel if you get rid of your acne forever!!! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Wardrobe: Nice Jeans and a Nice Top
Rate: no pay but participants receive free product


"Skinnie Vegas Bus Tour" Saturday

Reality TV, Non-Union

Posted: 5/5/2008

Union Status Non-Union

Rate All expense paid trip to Vegas, including food, drinks, gift bags & more..

Audition Dates May 7 & 8

Audition Location

Los Angeles CA

Shoot/Performance Dates

Saturday May 10- Monday May 12

Shoot/Performance Dates Note

Tour bus leaves Saturday at Noon, and will be back to LA Monday evening.

Skinnie Vegas bus tour will bring 50 top-notch beautiful girls directly from Southern California to Las Vegas every Saturday and Sunday going home on Mondays. The girls will enjoy a weekend getaway at no expense where they will, “Party like Rockstars and Retreat like Celebrities”. On the Skinnie Vegas Tour, girls will check-in to award winning suites with classy restaurants to host the group for dinner and an all out superstar line up of night clubs and summer pools to spend their weekend away from home in style. The girls will be filmed with the new “Skinnie Reality TV” crew that will be capturing all of the best moments on film. Each girl has the opportunity to be seen and have the time of their life! Each week, 10 girls will be selected to enjoy a full spa package with massage and more, catered to in lavish VIP.

Project Notes
Saturday all the girls will have dinner and go over the itinerary for the night, all the girls will show up to all the hottest clubs VIP in the Skinnie tour bus, and will walk in VIP with bottle service.. Some of the clubs the girls will make appearances at include: LAX, Playboy Club, PURE, Cathouse, Prive, Body English, Tryst & Tao.

Sunday the girls will wake up rested and enjoy breakfast by the pool and prepare themselves for their daytime adventures out to the famous Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock, MGM’s newest 27 Million Dollar daytime adventure “Wet Republic” and to the ultra exclusive “Tao Beach”.

Throughout the tour a professional and highly trained security staff will keep the girls safe everywhere the tour goes.

All girls will be going home with fun items and products from Michael Antonio Shoes to Ed Hardy hats, and much more.


/ Non-Union / Guest-Star / Female / All Ethnicities / 21-25
Rate: All expense paid trip to Vegas, including food, drinks, gift bags & more..


Couples Reality TV show

Reality TV, Non-Union

Posted: 4/23/2008

Union Status Non-Union

Rate TBD

Submissions Due By 5/16/2008

Director Vick Smith

Producer Terrell Hickman

Production Company The Prominent Group

Audition Dates Scheduled by appointment

Audition Location

Beverly Hills

A new couples game show with a reality base is casting couples for pilot production on May 31st 2008. Please submit 1 photo of you and your signifigant other and a brief bio of your relationship history via email to set up and a live interview audition. Please send pictures to This will be fun and different than anything you have currently seen while keep your clothes on!

Project Notes
No Nudity


/ Non-Union / Featured / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 21-70
A new couples reality show is casting couples for pilot production on May 31st 2008. Please submit 1 photo of you and your signifigant other and a brief bio of your relationship history via email to set up and a live interview audition.

This will be fun and different than anything you have currently seen while keep your clothes on!

Wardrobe: Casual with Makup Done
Rate: To Be Determined


Mother/Daughter Pairs

Reality TV, Non-Union

Posted: 4/16/2008

Product Name How To Look Good Naked

Union Status Non-Union

Rate TBD

Submissions Due By 4/25/2008

Audition Location


FEATURED ON THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW This show teaches women of all shapes and sizes how to go from self-loathing to self-loving without resorting to extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery. Have you spent years dealing with body issues? Do you feel like you need a little help with loving yourself? If so, we would like to invite you to transform your life. We want to hear from you!


/ Non-Union / Featured / Female / All Ethnicities / 18-30
Looking for Mother/ Daughter pairs for Lifetime's hit show, "How to Look Good Naked". This is for a reality show so please apply with your actual mother.
Rate: TBD

MOTHER / Non-Union / Featured / Female / All Ethnicities / 35-65
Looking for Mother/ Daughter pairs for hit Lifetime show, "How to Look Good Naked" This is for a reality show, so please apply with your actual daughter.



Television, Non-Union

Posted: 4/3/2008

Union Status Non-Union

Rate TBD


NEW SHOW! / Non-Union / Featured / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 25-40

Are you sick of going on a lot of first dates with no interest in seeing them again? Have you been dating for years without the success you deserve or are you recently jumping back into the dating scene?

A classy, new documentary-style reality series for TLC seeks energetic, outspoken, attractive men ages 25-40 who are playing the field and looking for Ms. Right, not for Ms. Right Now!

If you are single and live in Southern California!

Rate: TBD


Everything from decorating shows to competitions are advertised on booking websites. I suppose after a while some actors become weak and submit to the evil... I met a gentleman at the game show taping who said he's made a few grand being a Game Show Network contestant.

I, however, plan to stay strong!