Sunday, May 4, 2008

The highs are high, but the lows are low.

I’m currently doing laundry at my new apartment building in a small room off the subterranean garage; I’m shocked that my neighbor’s wireless connection reaches down here! The machines are still top-loaders, but unlike the one at my temporary residence, they’re much newer and larger.

Anyway, the past couple days have been pretty boring. The highlights are evened out by the loneliness and monotony.

The Highlights

The major highlight was getting a role in a short musical. They’re still auditioning men to play my love interest and rehearsals aren’t supposed to start until later this month.

Also, I have a callback to be a tour guide at Universal Studios! I have to admit, I would have been pretty shocked and pissed not to get one considering the qualifications are:

• A Performance and/or Public Speaking Background
• Poise/Stage Presence
• Enthusiastic, Friendly, Outgoing Personality
• Mature Attitude/Self Confidence
• Television/Film Knowledge
• Excellent Speaking Voice
• Exceptionally Well-Groomed Appearance
• Charismatic Live Television Camera Presence
• At least 18 years old

As I told a friend, “Add bargain shopper to that list and they’ve described me perfectly!”

The listed job perks are:

- FLEXIBLE Work Schedules
FREE Seminars and Workshops with Leading Industry Professionals
FREE Professional Acting Classes
FREE Industry-Renowned Annual Actors Showcase (currently in its 23rd year)
- The Studio Guide
- The OPPORTUNITY to Network with Colleagues who are Tomorrow’s Industry Leaders, and Alumni who already are
- The OPPORTUNITY to excel in other High Profile Positions in the Company, e.g. Media Escort,
VIP Guide, Special Events, etc.
FREE Private Screenings of Universal Films
- DISCOUNTS on merchandise, food, travel, electronics, media, and much more

Tomorrow (Monday) afternoon I have to attend all four hours of an orientation/final audition. In researching the position I did find THIS negative but comical personal account. It seems a bit dated but even if it’s still mostly true, any job is what you make of it…

After the initial interview at Universal Friday afternoon I finally bought a bed! (By that I mean a mattress and box springs; I didn’t spring for a frame, let alone the frivolity of a head or footboard.) That sounds simple enough, but as I’ve mentioned before, every little thing out here can easily turn into an emotional train wreck. More about that later.

I am anxiously waiting for Tuesday morning- my mattress will be delivered and my landlord will install a new stove, as the current one does not work and I’m getting sick of sandwiches and TV dinners!

More than anything though, I am dying for Wednesday morning when my boyfriend is flying into town!!! Conveniently, a convention for his company (which we attended in Las Vegas last year) is in San Diego this year!

Other than that…

My weekend was filled with running errands for basic living essentials like towels, bedding and groceries. I’m driving myself mad with buyer’s remorse and nearly had an anxiety attach in an IKEA! Again, that’s another post…

I’ve seen my roommate for maybe 2 hours total in three day. While I should have been researching a certain movie for my new role and learning all things Universal Studios, my time was spent finding new stores and such in my new neighborhood and catching up on Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites online. Sadly I can't find full episodes of Top Chef and we're not ordering cable. :(

Not exciting in the least.

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