Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me and Welcome to the Building!

I have to admit, my morning was pretty shitty, but the past thirty minutes have been a 180!

To cheer me up my boyfriend said I should expect a delivery, which is like waiting for water to boil! I was so worried I may have missed it during my walk to the coffee shop (with free wi-fi) and library.

But the beautiful orchid below finally came! (Now I just have to keep it alive, and I've always heard they're difficult.) Thank you boyfriend, you are so sweet!

Also, after five days, I finally met another tenant. The gentleman across the hall is not only friendly, but he’s a computer guy, as in professionally (in addition to voice over work and acting, since this is LA after all)!

He set my laptop to use his wireless for the time being! He went above and beyond the call of duty even after me speaking of my boyfriend, seeing a picture of us on my desktop and me receiving the orchid. In this town you have to constantly wonder what someone wants from you; it was so refreshing to meet someone, who I will probably see often, who is helpful, respectful and totally disinterested!


Zaina Marie said...

Happy Birthday - Hope you had a great day!!

Judy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!

Sarah said...

Happy West Coast Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies! :)