Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling Alive!

It's hard to describe the overwhelming emotions I have felt the past two days! Words couldn't begin to do it justice and I have a poker game with a friend from college to get to anyway...

In short, yesterday at work I took a walking tour of Universal Studios front and back lots. I was in what's called The Court of Miracles where all the great monster films were made, I stood in the streets of Little Europe where parts of Pirates of the Caribbean was shot, I walked down Denver Street, the first set of Universal where the silent western were filmed, I was inside the homes of Desperate Housewives, Gabriell, Eddie, Susan and the new one! I was in The Chicken Ranch, used for Best Little Whore House in Texas, among other things, I walked next to the Psycho house and stood in the destruction for War of the Worlds, which includes a real, crashed 747.

I was in absolute awe of my surroundings. I'd riden on the tram through these areas several times, but walking there was amazing. I want so badly to work on those sets someday and the reality of being there in any capacity was beyond overwhelming!

Then, last night the musical festival opened. Somehow we managed to pull it off and it was a lot of fun. Last night, of course, brought nerves, especially for the show that hadn't rehearsed nearly enough. But already tonight, it was just a good time. As I stood onstage tonight looking into the lights, behind which I knew there was an audience, I felt so alive and happy. I remember feeling that way while doing insignificant stage hand duties for shows in college. Even in a sixty seat blackbox theatre, for a project that doesn't pay, I couldn't stop thinking, "omg - I LOVE this!" I guess that means I had broken character though, which is bad...

I'm sure the endorphins from my onstage kisses help too... lol! I have such a crush on my onstage boyfriend. I told my real boyfriend that it's funny, because if he weren't gay, I'd think he was a huge dweeb and probably not be the least bit interested. But he is so funny, ridiculously talented, successful outside of the arts world and just an absolute blast to be around. Last night he, another female cast mate who's also from Ohio and I went to a gay line dancing bar. It was great! I hate country, but this was nothing like line dancing with hetero hicks; everyone was amazing at the dances, it was entertaining to watch and half the music was pop.

I digress... I need to get to the poker game, but I wanted to reflect on these feelings. What they say is so true - even in difficult situations, if you do what you love, you are truly happy... at least in the moments that you're doing it.

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