Sunday, June 1, 2008

I started getting texts from Ohio in the 6 a.m. hour that Universal Studios Hollywood was on fire!

No, I was not there, so yes, I am fine. No, this will not effect my job.

The ironic thing is that Friday when I took the walking tour we stood on New England Street, one of the destroyed areas, and talked about the last time there was a fire. They're not all that uncommon. The tour guide director spoke specifically about how easy it is for New York and New England Street to go up in flame because there's just facades made of rubber and wood.

The day of the last fire they still ran the tours. The set will be rebuilt to look exactly the same very quickly.

The news video reports that it started in a sound stage; it looks to me like it's the stage that houses the earthquake attractions, one of a half dozen "animations" included on the tour. It closed recently and was scheduled to be down for a month for refurbishments.

I'll know what happened for sure when I go to work tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

I heard it on the national news at 6 p.m. A man was interviewed about it and they said he got his 'start' as a TOUR GUIDE! hahaha
I think he makes films or something. Just saw it again on the Lima News and they told about "Back to the Future" and other sets that were burned.
77 degrees here right now, 11:15 p.m. It's starting to get hot during the day. By Friday it may be 90 degrees. Hope it isn't that hot for M.O., those poor girls. Have 54 raccoon babies, among other things!
Nancy M.