Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's worse than the gas prices? The horrid, incessant BEEPING sound the pump makes!

Luckily my car was taken to mechanic very near my apartment, I got the call to get it around 5 p.m. I didn't mind the walk there and the mechanic and attendants were all great.

But after that...

I don't like the idea of using ATMs for deposits; but I finally decided I had to do it because I was always busy during banking hours. At the ATM the other night, I realized I wasn't carrying the card for my new California bank. After getting my car this afternoon I drove around the block to try again only to find my deposit was in another purse. Okay, fine, at least I finally ordered new checks (my bank wouldn't do it online, isn't that odd?).

Then I drove across the street to the grocery store to get detergent and a softener ball. I've been trying to save money, but I'm sick of going up and down the stairs every fifteen minutes while doing the laundry. (Yes, I've decided my building is trustworthy and I don't babysit the washer and dryer anymore.) I had tried Bed Bath and Beyond, who recommended the grocery. Nope.

The frustration began to heat up as it took forever to pull out from the grocery in the hectic 5:30 traffic. Once I did, I couldn't merge into the left turn lane to get to a CVS in the continued search of the softener ball.

I was so pissed as I sped through the intersection. I reached for the condolence of my music, only to find that all my radio presets were changed. What?! That is a breaking point for me! The frustration was at a full on boil as I called my boyfriend to ask if I was justified in going back and ripping the mechanic a new one! No, no I was not (and wouldn't have anyway), radio presets typically disappear when the battery dies or is disabled.

Fine, so now on an unknown side street, I was by no means lost, but I wasn't sure whether or not I had missed the CVS once I got back to the main road. A more pressing issue became finding a gas station as the low fuel light glared at me. I was excited to find a station with Premium at $4.85! During his last visit, my boyfriend had given me a credit/debit card which his company bonuses are issued on with about forty bucks left on it to for gas. All gas stations out here ask for the zip code the card is registered with when you pay at the pump. I entered my Ohio home's zip and then BEEP BEEP BEEP "See attendant" appeared on the screen. I walked to the window and can not even tell you what the exchange was with the man due to his thick accent and failing speaker system. He ultimately told me to try again. I did and BEEP BEEP BEEP "see attendant."

I got in my car, slammed the door and drove the fuck away! As if getting gas isn't painful enough, it does not need to also be a pain in the ass! At this point I was a couple miles away from my apartment. I thought there was a CVS on the main road behind my apartment, but couldn't recall for sure. I drove past a Walgreens and Rite Aid, but again was in the wrong lane and saw them too late to merge and besides, I have a CVS discount club card...

I had called my boyfriend to double check the zip code for the card. Our distance relationship makes him feel so helpless and he can not stand not being able to help me with things. Having taken my navigation device out of my car when I left it with the mechanic, my boyfriend insisted on going online to find me the nearest CVS, which ended up being a few miles the opposite direction.

At this point I decided to continue driving out of my way to get to the Amco am/pm gas station that I've mentioned before. Their gas is a blend of some sort and is therefore always ten to fifteen cents cheaper. I remembered it was a place where you always had to pay first but I had forgotten on critical thing - it's cash or debit only. The attendant glanced at the card I thrust toward him and said "no" in very broken English, "that's no debit, it says Visa."

"Yes, but sometime's they're both, can you just try running it?" I insisted. "Do you know the pin?" he snipped. I rolled my eyes, cursed and huffed away. No, I did not know the pin and I was embarrassed that I had not thought of that important little factor. "Have a nice day" he quipped insincerely as I barreled out the door of his dirty, cheap convenience store.

Had I not been a raging bitch, I could have just gotten my debit card from my purse, but I had had it! As I tried to pull out of the gas station lot and make another impossible left turn, tears welled up in my eyes. I turned right and went down another side street.

At a THIRD fucking gas station, the price was ten cents more than the first. I entered the company bonus card. BEEP "enter your zip code." I hit the wrong number and had to cancel. BEEP BEEP BEEP. I swiped the card again. BEEP "enter your zip code." I did. BEEP BEEP BEEP. "Invalid." I gave up on the free gas and dug my own plastic out of my purse. I hit cancel again. BEEP BEEP BEEP. It did nothing. I hit cancel again. I hit clear, folded my arms and glared at the machine. Not only was I not leaving this this gas station, I wasn't changing pumps.

It eventually cleared and I entered my card. BEEP "enter your zip code." I did. BEEP "select grade." I did. BEEP "begin fueling. BEEP BEEP BEEP "receipt?" I selected yes. BEEP. It printed and then BEEP BEEP BEEP "take your receipt." Oh my gawd!!!

I've noticed this before, but when you're already at your wits end, it was all I could do not to use the nozzle to beat the shit out of the gas pumps digital screen. The beeping is not only unnecessary but SO LOUD and at a mind numbing pitch . It's ridiculous! Why? Getting gas is already an awful experience, it's as if they've made the BEEP to signify the horrifying screams of your wallet.

From there I went to a CVS on the same road as the mechanic, a mile in the opposite direction.

They did not have a softener ball.

I quit!


Anonymous said...

I know you were all headed to your local store to find me a softener ball and mail it westward, right? ;)

Well, mail not! I procured one at Target. Two, actually, because that's how many machines my building has and they were under $2 a piece!

Now, if we could all write strongly worded letters about the BEEPING…


Leslie said...

I was JUST going to ask for your addy so I could send you my softener ball as your need is greater than mine and it would give me a good excuse to clean out my auto dispenser that is clogged in my washer. Glad to hear you sorted that all out. Hugs to you - I enjoyed your gas rant - it was very much like one of my daily rants. Love ya girl! Leslie

Anonymous said...

Maybe people are afraid to say so as I know you are pursuing your dream, but.......we'd love to have you back here. We miss you.
Nancy M.