Monday, June 2, 2008

Universal Studios Hollywood: Before and After

Touring the Metropolitan sets Friday;
I believe this was New England Street.

Photos taken today from the tram:

I never went through this area in the tram because things were always filming; Friday we couldn't actually take pictures of or walk down New York Street due to a soda commercial. As we quickly crossed an intersection, I did snap this shot; it was the only fire-proof facade among the Metropolitan sets because controlled fires were set in it for the movie "Legal Eagle."

Here's a shot of the backlot taken from the Universal Starway, copied from Wikipedia. (The Starway is five stories of escalators taking you from the park down to the front lot.)

Here's my photo taken today of the backlot from the Starway.

The roofless building was the King Kong attraction sound stage; the large red brick building is the previously mentioned fire-proof "Legal Eagle" building. The large building next to it is the "Clock tower" from "Back to the Future" and "Ghost Whisperer;" contrary to news reports, it's still standing - obviously! The other facades left standing are part of Court House Square.

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