Monday, June 23, 2008

I just got fired AND locked myself out of my apartment – what a great fucking day!

No, I wasn’t fired from Universal Studios; I just wasn’t “asked back” for the fall semester with a company that gives pro-college speeches to high school students.

Once again, I am utterly embarrassed and amazed I am sharing this information. I used to blog to impress, so I'm still adjusting to this idea of blogging reality.

I know what you’re thinking, “But you’re an award-winning public speaker who has worked with pro-college programs for seven years… you’re outgoing, attractive and professional.” Yes, yes I am.

I was not asked back solely based on scores. At the end of each presentation, the students are asked to fill out and return a survey; only about sixty percent do. The school counselors are asked to also fill out a survey with comments and fax it in later; their return rate is even lower.

The company looks at how they rate your effectiveness and the value of the presentation. As you can see, my scores were lower than the company averages, but not by much:

Presentation for Seniors:
Counselor Value: 8.42 (Co. average: 9.51)
Counselor Effect: 8.75 (Co. average: 9.42)
Student Value: 7.73 (Co. average: 8.47)
Student Effect: 7.79 (Co. average: 8.58)

Presentation for Juniors:
Counselor Value: 8.9 (Co. average: 9.54)
Counselor Effect: 8.82 (Co. average: 9.4)
Student Value: 7.96 (Co. average: 8.53)
Student Effect: 8.05 (Co. average: 8.61)

Here’s the thing – I gave nearly forty presentations in Ohio and Michigan and my performance was never addressed; I was never told my scores were too low. The only communication the company had with me was to give the address, date and time of my next presentation.

I honestly thought the company averages were purposely inflated to motivate us! If there are speakers with this company that can get nines and tens out of obnoxious high schoolers, then more power to them! I would gladly admit that I suck and sheepishly step aside, but it’s just so hard to believe! It takes a lot of “good kids” giving you great scores to balance out the bastards that would give absolutely anyone a one or two just to be an ass.

Then, there is the point person – the counselor, principal or sometimes a teacher who is dealing with giving the ACTs, screening kids for drugs and guns, consulting the latest pregnant freshman, oh yeah, and maybe remembering that you’re there to give a presentation… I once totally bonded with a counselor, she praised me and my presentation… then I got my scores from her – fucking sevens. Sevens! Some educators just won’t give an A+ or in my case, a ten.

They also used the excuse that LA is a tougher market and if I was “challenged in Ohio…” Challenged? I never had an incident or complaint and my scores were not that far below average! I just can’t believe this company thinks they could better train someone new than tweak my performance. Not to mention the fact that I'm not getting a free plane ticket home for the fall training, as the headquarters are in Ohio.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to try to get fired on purpose, like George on Seinfeld; this is my first time getting canned and it's certainly not fun. I loved this job and thought I was amazing at it! I just keep reminding myself of what a casting director recently told my acting class, "you're nobody until you've been fired!"


So what do you do in California when you’re pissed off and in tears? You take your laptop to the pool, that’s what you do!

BUT – I was an extra at a fancy event last night, which meant I had to carry a tiny purse that only my car key would fit in. Having separated my keys, I grabbed the wrong set. So here I am, a bikini-clad hot mess with only a car key, cell phone, lap top and towel. No shoes. No apartment key.

My super is home, so I can get back into my apartment without any trouble, but what a shitty day!


Oh good grief, then when I tried to post this, blogger was down.
I know, I know, I’m in a fucking swimming pool right now, life is good. I could be a starving child in a third world, war torn country…

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