Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This one's for you, babe...

Today my guy noted that I hadn't been blogging much. "I blogged from set," I replied. But he's right, I've not done anything extensive. It's been a... rough? interesting? trying? couple weeks. In my mind various things have been floating around and as a result, I haven't taken the time or found the focus to tackle any of them.

As Murphy's Law would have it, in this moment I'd like to sit here on my balcony with my cup of coffee and type up a storm, but I have to go... Recall the musical that was on, then off, then on, then off again? I felt guilty when I declined another small role in a different musical, but alas, I will be part of that damn festival after all! A friend and cast mate from one of last years shows got roped into it again this year, but she can't do the last three performances. Tonight, or right now rather, I'm going to her place to go over the music and dance moves to perform her part TOMORROW, Friday and Sunday! I've gone to one rehearsal and watched the show Sunday, but that's it. Granted, it's just a chorus role in a campy ten minute show, her character does sing the first line and there are synchronized dance steps, so I'm a little frustrated that I've not heard from the director about a run through tomorrow afternoon. Of course, I'm regretting saying yes! But, after I get tomorrow night out of the way, I'm sure Friday and Sunday will be fun; unless something better comes along that I can't do because of the show, then I'll just be pissed.

This afternoon I went to Hollywood for an audition for a trial of Nuetrogina's SkinID. If selected I'd get free products for six weeks. A year ago I contemplated a similar trial but my acting teacher discouraged me since those things are not normally paid. This time I said fuck it! I need the freebies! When I got there today I ran into a coworker from Universal who said she'd heard you do indeed get a couple hundred dollars if they use your testimonial. That would be awesome. In the audition room however, I don't think I did so well. I have always had troubled skin and in answering their "how has acne affected your life?" questions I was genuine, but I fear it didn't come off that way. Between seeing a zillion skin care product commercials and knowing what is said on them, and being a trained speaker and tour guide, I worry I wasn't "real" enough, even though I was, I wasn't. Does that make any sense? I guess we'll see!

As for my sales job, I never went back! More on that later...

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