Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So long to #24

Tonight I worked on Californication again; this time it was a scene between Evan Handler and David Duchovney. I am also scheduled to work a Nike commercial next Tuesday! More about that later...

In other news, I am dissatisfied with the skin care trial I am in for a number of reasons. The products dried out my face far worse than I could have imagined, even with their warnings. My two emails about it have not been returned and I have no idea when we're shooting the "after" testimonials, rendering me incapable of scheduling a visit home in August!

Dry skin is about to be the least of my appearance problems; in the morning I am having a tooth pulled! Number twenty-four, which is front and center on the bottom, will be gone! In its place I'll have a gap for the next few months until the Invisiline braces start pushing the other teeth to their proper placement. I think I already explained that I could have kept the tooth, but the results would have been less predictable, taken a bit longer and we would have had to file between all my other bottom teeth to make room for #24, which currently protrudes forward. The filing sounded worse than the pulling to me!

I fear the gap will really limit my abilities; will I look like a freak when I speak to my tourist at Universal through the fish-eye camera on the new HD tram monitors? Will I still be able to get "pretty girl" background work? Should I even bother submitting for film and theatre projects?

*Deep breath*

I just keep reminding myself that a gap in my bottom teeth will be no worse than the hideous crookedness of the tooth that will no longer be there. As I've written before, my teeth are absolutely unacceptable, I'm just used to them; the gap will be equal to what I've lived with for twenty-some years! Then, the gap will be gone in a few months and by the winter of 2010, I'll FINALLY have straight teeth!

Last, one of my roommates is moving out. I'm bummed because I really liked him, we all really got along and he was never here, which is the very best trait a roommate can have! I am excited that for only $2 more per month I can move into his room, which is much larger and have his spot in the parking garage! However, this means the remaining roommate and I have to find someone new, which will be a time consuming, difficult, obnoxious processes. I literally want to advertise "a room for rent for storage or day time office space!" Or even "rent this cheap room so your parents don't know you really live with..." AKA we want someone who won't really be here much!

My concern is that the new person won't be a push-over like me and they'll actually question the inadequacies of the price vs. room size and parking space. This is compounded by the fact that the roommate gave us his 30 notice yesterday as he left for a two week family vacation over seas! This means that if we interview people and show the room now, the fact that I'm upgrading to the larger room will be obviously. I suppose that may have been the case no matter what, depending when in the 30 days he moved out... Rather than all that hassle, I think I'd rather find a new two bedroom place with the existing roommate! Finding a whole new place probably sounds like more of a headache, but if you saw the nasty carpet in this place, or tried to split space in a refrigerator among three people, you'd understand!


Anonymous said...

Interviewers for the room don't have to know that you'll be in the bigger room. Just show the person your room. Will you get to use the parking space while he's gone? Is it possible to switch rooms while the roommate is gone? It would give you time to clean the carpet, let it dry, and switch your possessions. When he gets back, you could give him $2 for his last two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I guess I just feel like it'll be obvious, since the new person will see my stuff in my room, then see my stuff in the bigger room, ya know? It'll really just depend on their personality and if they question it or not.

I wish my roommate wouldn't have sprung this on us before leaving for two week so that perhaps I could have gone ahead and switched. But we didn't get a chance to talk about it and I don't want to mess with his stuff until he's back.

As for the carpet, it's gross because there was a leak before I moved in, so I'm confident there's mold. Also, this place hasn't been completely empty for two or three years, so the company hasn't cleaned it. I suppose we could go rent a machine and do it ourselves, but I don't feel we should have to and I don't have any extra money. Rather, it's just something I'll deal with and bitch about as long as I'm here... LOL!