Friday, April 25, 2008

Buckeye on... the street?

Holy crap – the world around me is imploding right now! My roommate basically broke up with her boyfriend (whose apartment we are living in), she is not returning his calls and has a plane ticket home for the weekend (just to visit).

I am trying to maintain pleasant conversations with a little old lady, who I want to strangle, about signing a lease for an apartment. She does have the right phone number, but I am not getting the messages she says she leaves. This afternoon we discovered she isn’t hearing my outgoing voicemail message, which means the old bag is not dialing the right digits! I had to fax her my signature and she still wants to verify my roommates information.

“Does her drivers license have BX?” she asked me. First, I don’t even know my own unless I read it off my damn license and second, I answered, “No, I’m pretty sure they all start with RV.” “RV? No, that’s not right.” Okay lady… Whatever.

My roommate's exboyfriend is very hurt and confused right now, I just hope when the anger sets in, that doesn’t result in me sleeping in my car! Just kidding, I know a few other people out here, but this is still one of the most awkward situations I have ever been in.

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