Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Wardrobe Malfunction!

I’m actually writing at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, but the dozen wireless networks in my new building are all security enabled, so I’m off line until I go back to the Gelato Bar or set up our connection.

So Monday, I realized it would be stupid to try to move more stuff into my new place in the small window of time I had before an audition.

About that audition… It was for a musical in a tiny theatre in the NoHo Arts District. I couldn’t fit my electronic keyboard in my car and just plain forgot to grab any of my music when I moved. Yes, I’m a singer but I’ve not focused much on that for the past two years and certainly did not expect to be auditioning for a musical in LA!

My sweet, sweet boyfriend had to look through my music books and find, scan and email me the song I needed! I had to go buy more paper and a new ink cartridge for my roommate’s printer as well as a binder and hole punch to hold the song.

The very last thing I did before leaving the apartment in West Hollywood that I’d stayed in for three weeks was put on my audition outfit. All of my other clothes were packed in the trunk of my car.

With zero time to spare, I noticed the black BCBG dress I had put on was ripped! Like the Calvin Klein dress with the broken zipper, this is one of my favorite garments from a trendy, quality label that I had purchased at an unbelievable discount.

Are you kidding me? WTF! I had no time to dig through my trunk for another outfit and likely have to iron it!

What happened to the dress? A stone-age washing machine happened! A week prior I had to call my mom to remind me how the fuck to use an old machine with the circle/crank dial, which was in the apartment where I was staying. I have been spoiled by a fancy new front loader for the past three years; I literally recoiled at having to subject my precious clothes to the agitator protruding from the middle of the machine. But I figured, my roommate has nice things, and she’s used it for the past few months…

Although I used the gentle cycle, the machine snagged some of the lace-like detail on my black BCBG dress. By snag I mean, there were several little threads I had to cut off, at least that’s all I saw when I hung it up to dry a week ago.

As for the rip, it is about two inches, vertical, between the breast pocket and belted waist. Thankfully it was just the top layer of fabric that tore; it has a tone-on-tone vertical stripe and being that it’s a black dress the rip is kind of hard to see. As long as I held good posture the rip didn’t gap open. Again, fixable but frustrating!

So, I went to an audition with a ripped dress. Not the end of the world, but seriously, what is going on?! I buy into the Law of Attraction and I think I’ve had an incredibly positive attitude about this new journey in my life. When it comes to interacting with most other people, they have been tremendously kind and helpful to me, but as for this type of dumb luck stuff, the cards have just not been in my favor!

Oh, and the audition did go well; I felt a little rusty but impressed myself when I had to sigh-read three part harmony with two other women.

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