Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Got an Agent Today! Maybe...

I turned down more $64/8 extra work on a cheerleading movie called Fired Up today to keep a meeting with a friend of a friend’s agency.

The bad news first – The agency just wasn’t impressive. There was a serious lack of polish and professionalism that you might expect. They weren’t in any way inappropriate, but the office space was undesirable. It reminded me of Joey on Friends’ agent, I think her name was Estelle, in her few cameos she’d always be smoking in a cluttered space.

The good news – They are legitimate, having been in business for 14 years. They like me. A lot. They can get me higher paying, more sought-after jobs than I can get myself on the booking websites. They listed themselves as my representation on one booking site, but we didn’t sign any sort of contract.

Although the experience wasn’t quite what I expected, I don’t think anything negative can come of it. I can still submit myself for jobs I find, and when they find things they’ll call me. When I say they’re legit I mean that they only get paid a percentage of what I make on jobs they book and they can’t force me to pay for any type of photography or classes. Since I didn’t sign anything, if something better comes along, I can take it.

I say “maybe” because I’m still feeling out all my options and trying to figure out who to believe, listen to and trust. You hear so many different theories from so many different people, it’s difficult. Although their office space was seriously unimpressive, I did find them knowledgeable and believable and I liked their attitude toward the business.

I’m having lunch tomorrow with a manager that I met a few months ago at IMTA, a talent/modeling competition. He says he’s not accepting new clients until the fall, but he was willing to meet with me. I’m anxious to get his take on everything…

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