Saturday, April 26, 2008

IHOPe I can make it to Monday...

Despite my attempts to save money, I’m sitting in an IHOP right now for two reasons:

#1. In the apartment I have no milk to accompany my cereal, no bread for the PB and J or meat to go with my lettuce or pasta…

#2. It was 94 degrees here today and the apartment I am still at does not have any air conditioning!

Which brings me to good news, I signed a lease today and have keys to a new place with central A/C and a pool! It was a pain in the ass to the very end though… I had explained to the landlady that my current living situation was precarious and she said I could move in this afternoon after signing the lease. (Mind you, my roommate signed last night before catching a plane home for the weekend.) But then this morning when I called to verify payment type she clarified that I could move stuff in, but I can’t sleep there until Monday! AAHHH! For being such an opinionated windbag, she never seems to get her facts straight the first time around!

And about that payment type… I remembered I only have starter checks; I’ve had the account for four years, but who uses checks anymore? She decided she wouldn’t take the personal check my roommate left me with her half and certainly not my starter, nor could I use my debit or credit card. What the hell!?

“I have to know the money’s good since you girls want to move in so quick,” she justified. So quick? Are you kidding? This is the same woman who said my roommate had to sign the lease before leaving town, because they wouldn’t hold the place until Tuesday when she’ll return!

So anyway, this morning I opened a new bank account (which I needed to do anyway) so the bank would use a credit card to give me a cash advance/ cashiers check for the deposit and April’s prorate. Though I was in “boys town,” I found two very hetero bankers who were more than willing to help me and actually did paper – rock – scissors to decide who would wait on me. Nothing turns a girl’s mood around like blatant flattery and a solution to financial woes!

Again, I have signed the lease, paid the money and possess keys and a garage opener, but can’t stay there until Monday because that’s when the lease starts. Luckily, my roommate’s now ex-boyfriend is very kind and has no problem with me spending two more nights in his spare room.

Today I moved my television, kitchen stuff and other miscellaneous items that have been in my trunk for three weeks into the new apartment. The place is very nice, but I realized the kitchen needs a good cleaning and new shelf paper before I let my dishes touch them. Perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow after another audition for a short film… an audition that has conveniently gotten me out of that problematic Sunday photo shoot at Venice Beach again!

Hopefully now that all the apartment headaches are over I can finally focus on writing about the exciting career things that are happening…

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