Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy, busy, busy…

Yesterday I slept till noon, but Thursday was crazy and I spent most of yesterday setting several appointments for the next few days.

You won’t believe this- this evening I’m going to watch a clown perform at a family party. I found a job listing for characters, clowns, princesses and singing telegrams; it very tediously explained all the drawbacks of the job. You might have to wear hot, heavy costumes (like Elmo), kids can be pains in the ass (no kidding) and it can require a lot of driving (what doesn't). But, if you enjoy performing and making people laugh, it’s a fun job and terrific money! The first step in the process is watching a gig, then if you still think you’re up for it you must try on all the costumes and finally there’s a four hour unpaid training session. You must be available every Saturday and Sunday, but again it pays very well and I’m told if you’re right for it you’ll really love it.

Tomorrow my new agent is going to try to capture me in the following looks: girl next door, rough street chick and nerdy librarian type. I always hate packing up my things for a photo shoot; you just never know how the photographer will react to your garments and you inevitably think “I wish I would have brought...” I’m also concerned about creating the rough street chick; I really don’t think I own the wardrobe for it. FYI- the new trend is doing the casting directors job for them- suppose you’re auditioning for the role of a cop, many actors will submit a photo of themselves in a cop uniform.

Then Monday morning I’m applying for a telemarketing job followed by an interview for a bartending company. While I have no experience bartending, none is needed; if selected they will train you and then serve as an agent of sorts to get you work. (Also on Monday we should find out if we got our new apartment!)

I know, I know, telemarketers are the devil and my parents would hate it if I were a bartender. I actually have the biggest problem with perpetuating the princess image to little girls.
I feel like I’m already selling out!

In my own defense, the telemarketing job is business to business and if I work a kids party as a princess, clown or whatever, I’d do my best to encourage confidence and learning in the children I come in contact with.

As for my busy Thursday, it began with an interview that was a freaking waste of time! I found a very promising job listing with a sports and entertainment marketing firm that represents almost all of California’s major sports teams as well as restaurants and hotels. The job was made to sound more flexible and upscale than it is.

Entry level sales people go out into the field selling discounted packages. It sounded like a school fundraiser to me! You know how kids sell discount cards or coupon booklets… The hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ouch! Part time is offered, but it’s also a manager training program, as the company promotes from within, and part time employees obviously take longer to reach the desired management level. If they call me, the next step would be spending a day in the field with a sales rep and at the end of that day there would be a final interview.

I was a bit frustrated with the initial interview; it was obvious they were seeing people every fifteen minutes and made very clear it was just meant to be a brief rundown of the company, for them to see you and for you to put your resume in their hands. I’m sorry, but if you rep the big sports teams in Cali, can’t you afford the paper to print the damn resume I emailed you!? And had I known the hours upfront, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and gas.

I expressed my need for flexibility to take possible daytime auditions, so I doubt they’ll call me. But if my overall charm and wit won out, I’ll likely take the next step, just to keep my options open.

So then I hung out in an area recommended by my roommate. It’s the cutest little side street with shops and cafes. All the businesses had big dog water dishes on their sidewalks; it made me miss our dog so much, she would absolutely love it here! My boyfriend initially wanted me to bring her since he works long hours, but it would have made my apartment search even harder and it’s entirely possible that my schedule will be just as bad as his.

Before meeting my roommate to check out what will hopefully be our apartment and turn in our credit applications, I had lunch with a manager I met at IMTA. IMTA is a modeling and talent competition/convention that I attended in January. I have often wondered if IMTA was worth the money and hassle, but this single contact has made the answer “yes.”

He’s actually the second manager from IMTA that I’ve met with since getting here and while neither are taking new clients right now, both have been incredibly kind and helpful. Everyone out here has their opinions and philosophies; it’s good to have a couple industry professionals to help you separate the bullshit. Both agree that you have to “pay your dues” so to speak and that it really takes a year or two to establish yourself.

I really got the feeling that the gentleman I had lunch with Thursday will want to manage me in the future if I maintain the relationship. In the mean time he’s willing to give me advice – he even used the word “mentor!”

All in all, my day turned out very well. This all took place in “the valley,” which is nothing like I had imagined. It’s actually not full of ditsy blonds going “Like, oh my gawd!” As geography suggests, it is east of the Hollywood hills and is hotter since it doesn’t get the ocean breeze. When I got home I immediately had to take a shower because I felt so grimy and gross; I hope I don’t feel like that everyday when I live there!

So then… I went out for supper with my roommate for her boyfriend’s birthday. This is already too long but soon I will write about it in a post to be titled “I’m a stupid American” because that’s what I felt like! Until then…

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