Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hanging It Up!

No, I’m not quitting and moving back home already! Shame on you for thinking that!

Yesterday my roommate and I moved a large desk out of the room I’m staying in and she cleared out rod space for me in the closet.

Who would ever think that hanging up your clothes could feel SO good? It was the most satisfied and happy I’ve felt in a week! 85% of my things are hung up now, I have more space and am much more organized.

I have to give a ringing endorsement to Huggable Hangers, as seen on TV. When I moved, I packed all my clothes in Space Bags (another product I highly recommend) and I did not waste any space in my car with hangers. Knowing I had to buy hangers, I decided to invest in really good ones, which initially resulted in buyer’s remorse! I’m out here trying to watch every penny I have, yet I ordered expensive hangers off eBay?

Well I’m glad I did, they’re worth it! My boyfriend always hates dealing with my clothes because my delicate tops slide off hangers, my spaghetti strap tanks have to be put on the little hooks inside the hangers… It’s just a pain in the ass.

Huggable Hangers actually do as they say – their velvety covering holds on to all fabrics and straps so nothing falls off, supposedly they don’t leave shoulder dents, they’re a bit flexible and won’t snap in two like a plastic hanger, they use less space by being much thinner than plastic or wooden hangers, the literal hanger part is a stylish chrome and they’re strong (I know this because I didn’t order enough and I have multiple garments on one hanger).

I’ve always been curious about them, but my catalyst for finally purchasing them is pretty funny… I noticed them in one of the closets of The Real Housewife’s of New York City! I figured if those rich bitches have them, they must be good, right?!

So my roommate and I figure now that I’ve gotten a little more settled, we’ll probably get an apartment! You know, like when you’re at a restaurant waiting and waiting for food and finally go to the restroom, then your food comes!

Our hopeful landlords are this hysterical little old Jewish couple. We turned in our applications last Thursday and thought we’d hear back yesterday. When I called the lady she reminded me in her thick New York/Jewish accent “This weekend was the Jewish holiday you know…”

And with that you’re probably thinking, “What the hell is she doing out there all day that all she has to write about are hangers?” Actually a lot has been going on, but this was the quickest, easiest thing to chronicle for now…

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