Sunday, April 13, 2008

Buckeye on a Palm Tree

People keep telling me I’m brave and courageous for leaving a good life and moving across the country to pursue the difficult entertainment industry. I don’t think I’m either of those things.
I think I’m stupid for waiting so long to do it.

But I see why so many other people never take this step. It sucks. It’s emotionally and financially draining.

Whatever the struggles I’m about to undergo, I figure, I’ll want to remember them… Perhaps for my memoirs someday! Ha! Here’s the thing though, I’ve never been a diary keeper. Unless there’s an audience to read it, I won’t write it.

Additionally, I like to share information. I’m learning a lot that could be helpful to other Midwesterners like me who want to see their name in lights, but have seemingly no local resources or understanding of the business.

To those who already know me, be warned, this is going to be candid and perhaps crass. My other blog has been very censored, but that will not be the case here.

Also, in contrast to my other blog, this will be highly anonymous…
I haven’t decided if I’ll even use my real name yet.

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Sarah said...

It's fun to make random blogs on the net to let steam off, believe me, I've got multiple, and heaven help me if certain people find them! I hope you keep the other going, it's nice to read about the goings on in that particular "world".