Saturday, April 26, 2008


And I didn't even have to assault my new landlord!

Yesterday was awkward and turbulent to say the least, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing more than I already have because it involves others lives more so than my own.

The bottom line is that my roommate signed the lease before boarding her plane and in ten hours I will do the same and finally start to get settled, organized, have an address my mom can send a birthday card to and be able to find supplementary employment near where I live.

I can not believe we got the place! It was two weeks ago today that I first looked at it and a week ago Thursday that we turned in our applications! Although the landlady proved to be slow with our paperwork, I think we got it because we totally sucked-up to her and she likes us!

She asked what we did; though we’re both actors I still claim employment for a nation-wide company I worked for in Ohio. (I am still employed with them, but I have not gotten any gigs since transferring regions.) “I speak in high schools.” I stated. “Oh, I used to do that! What do you talk about?” she asked. “Getting into college and career success.”

“I spoke about abortion,” the sixty-some year old woman with gigantic red-rimmed glasses told us. Don’t forget the thick New York/Jewish accent. My roommate and I looked at each other and nodded, neither of us knowing which side of the abortion debate she’d be on or wanting to affirm our own opinions.

As it turns out the crazy landlady is very pro-choice! “Yes, I’ve heard it was very dangerous back in the 70s when it had to be done ‘underground.’” I said to her, still not actually asserting my own opinion. Truth be told, my roommate and I are both pro-life for the most part, unless the mother’s life is in danger.

Then the landlady moved on to the presidential election. My roommate and I had just talked about the issue – despite our pro-life opinions, we’re both apathetic liberals. Meaning, we don’t really care if it’s Obama or Clinton, as long as it’s not Bush anymore! Of course, while talking to the landlady, I’m pretty sure I signed myself up for the next pro-Hilary rally.

After fifteen minutes and lots of smiles and head nods from us, she finally shut up! I’ve told everyone that it’s going to like living above a prying grandma. I know when we see her she’ll be all like (remember accent) “Dear, where are you working now? You still have a job, right?” “Who are you seeing, is he treating you well?” “What are you wearing honey? Go up to your apartment and change… but walk softer, I’m right below you, you know!”

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M said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad you two found a place. I know you'll feel so much better now that you'll have a space that you can make feel like your own. Don't forget about ebay, craigslist, and garage sales for furnishings. I know what a creative girl you are and I'm sure you will make the most with your money. Thanks for keeping us updated.