Monday, April 21, 2008

Priorities in The Valley

My car is ten years old and burns oil quickly; my check engine light tends to come on when it needs more.

Today I’m in The Valley again and came back to the cute shops and cafes on Tujunga Avenue that my roommate had recommended to me (because when you find good gelato, coffee and free wi-fi, you become a regular!). I parked a half a block away and popped my hood to check the oil.

As I dug around my trunk for some extra Valvoline an older man and middle aged woman on a cell phone stopped to address me.

“How sweet!” I thought, they’re going to make sure I’m okay.

No. Not the case.

“Who plays Star Trek – Captain Kirk?” Those disjointed words were the first out of her mouth to me. “Jean Luc Picard,” I replied, with the appropriate French accents, rather proud of myself for knowing.

“No - Captain Kirk.” Come on lady, clearly that was before my time! “Oh… The Priceline guy,” I pondered… “William Shatner.”

She relayed the information to the person on her cell phone then turned back to me to report he was down at Aroma Café. “Hurry!” she said and walked away.

Okay… Will William Shatner care that I appear to be a damsel in distress with my hood open?

No, I did not go to the Aroma Café for my first brush with fame; it’s a bustling lunch place, but I am sitting in the window of the Gelato Bar in case he walks by!


Anonymous said...

It sounded like they may have been on a game show like "Cash Cab"! How sad they were just fishing for info and not concerned about anything/anyone else. Just remember that not everyone is like them! :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you, the burning oil issue is famous with all Toyota products...I'm sorry! I hope you can get it resolved easily. ;)
~ F/R

Anonymous said...

LOL! Cash Cab is so funny!

Actually, everyone has been extremely welcoming, kind and helpful... These folks were just odd!

I hadn't heard about that oil burning problem; we've more so attributed it to the fact that it's a 10 year old, 200,000+ mile, V8, luxury sedan. As long as I check the oil every week or two, depending how much I drive, it's no big deal.