Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cross your fingers for me!

Do you ever have those days when just getting out of the house is the big issue, but once you’re out and about or at work everything is fine? That’s how today was for me. I just didn’t feel like facing the world beyond my doorstep, but once I pulled myself together, all was well. Actually, some good developments came.

My new agent is going to review the photos I already have and on Sunday we’re going to shoot more of whatever he thinks I need. Conveniently he and one of his junior agents are also photographers; by law an agent can not charge you for photos or force you to use a certain photographer, but it is your responsibility to pay for prints of your headshots. Hopefully whatever we take Sunday will be fabulous.

When I got back I followed-up with a sports and entertainment marketing company and scheduled an interview for tomorrow morning! Their posting on included the line “if you’re looking for a 9 – 5 desk job, this is not for you.” My fear is that instead of 9 – 5 it’ll be 24 – 7! But even if it turns out to not be a fit for me, at least it’ll be good professional interview practice.
Wish me luck!

And then… I was browsing and was very surprised to see the best apartment that I had looked at on Saturday was re-listed yesterday with a $50 price reduction. I was sure it would be snatched up by now and that my day of apartment hunting was a huge waste of time. My roommate, who has been legitimately busy lately, but also staying out of our current place as much as possible to avoid her boyfriend said “let’s do it!” She trusts my judgment and already knows and likes the neighborhood. We filled out the tedious applications and luckily she’s free to look at the place and turn them in tomorrow.

The place is wonderful! In our price range there is a lot of variation of what you get for your money and this place pretty much has it all. For $1,500 a month (total + utilities) we get two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two covered and gated parking spots, gated entry, central A/C, a balcony and swimming pool.

I'm sure many of you from Ohio reading this are paying far less each month to own your house, but in LA, anything less than that is either in a bad area or too far away. Neither of us really care about having a pool, balcony or two bathrooms, but if that's the going rate, we may as well get all we can for the money! We both really want this apartment; cross your fingers for us!


M said...

That's a great deal! I'll def. keep crossing my fingers. Thanks for starting this blog. It's much easier to keep up with you. lol.

Zaina Marie said...

Fingers are crossed.
Gosh, the cost of living out there is high...

Anonymous said...

Z - the really crazy thing is that after even a day of looking at listings, it seems normal! :(

~buckeye on a...