Friday, April 18, 2008

Walking the Walk!

Luckily there is a CVS just around the block from the apartment I’m currently staying at. We were down to one roll of TP and I hadn’t done laundry since leaving home two weeks ago, so I just walked over to grab all the necessary items.

This is a very pedestrian-friendly area, but there’s still something unsettling about crossing six lanes of traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard! Every time I just focus on getting to the other side as quickly and confidently as possible!

As I rounded the corner to the side street the apartment is on a car met me and pulled to the side. “Excuse me,” the driver said as he got out of his vehicle. I wasn’t scared because this neighborhood is safe, but it certainly seemed strange.

“I saw you walking and I love your outfit; I’m a doctor and wanted to give you my card.” Both my hands were full, so he dropped his card into one of my bags, atop the Charmin. “Thank you,” I said a bit bewildered, thinking this asshole wanted to give me bigger boobs! “What kind of doctor?”

“No, not a doctor, I'm a photographer.” “OHHhhhh!!! That’s wonderful,” I smiled, “I just got in town and need new pictures.”

I just checked out his website, and he’s legitimate, although the address is Houston, Texas.

He mentioned a couple times that because he takes artsy pictures he liked my outfit. I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits from Bebe, peacock feathers are painted on the jeans and the dark green camisole is fitted by flowy. Many of you may recognize it from the opening number of a certain competition!

My roommate and I were just talking last night about LA style. It’s really laidback out here; there’s a very punk vibe and a sort of chic but thrown together look. None of that is really me. I’m usually more put together, prissy and matchy-matchy.

“That’s good, you’ll stand out,” my roommate said.
I guess she was right!

I realize he could just want money, or other things... and I will communicate with him carefully. But still… you can’t blame me for the dumb grin on my face!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! Please be mighty careful! When I read this post, I thought of the Linda Sobek story...please, please, please take several people with you if you go to him. At least take your friend and her boyfriend. I believe the photographer in the Sobek case was legitimate, too!
Friend/Rel. ;)

Anonymous said...

Of course, of course! It is difficult out here, and anywhere for that matter, to know who to trust, but I always make a point to try to meet in public places and follow my gut feelings.

~ Buckeye...