Saturday, May 2, 2009

I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday! It's been a hell of a week; I have a lot to share, but I'm only on my phone, so here are the highlights:

In the eleventh hour the two guys with the apartment in NoHo picked me! Thanks to Facebook, I got some help (and even a pick-up truck) and am all moved in. There are many great things about this place, specifically the price and location. However, it SMELLS! The carpet needs shampooed desperately and I simply must clean the kitchen and bathroom before I can really use them.

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent it working. I thought about going out for at least one drink, but ended up eating Taco Bell, watching tv and unpacking.

As for my new job, I've survived my first full week on the sales floor. All bull shit positivity aside, I don't think I can do this job. It SUCKS! The top people do 10 to 15 deals a week; I did 4 with 1 post-dates for next week. That's good for a beginner, but I hate the mentality toward the customer and lies you tell to achieve a "one call close." More on that when my computer has internet again...

For now I'll end with one more lovely note about the new place. Last night, my first here, I fell asleep to the sound of the neighbor's headboard pounding against my wall and box springs squeaking. However there was no moaning or screaming or anything. I didn't know whether to be thankful for that fact, or feel really sorry for them!

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