Monday, May 4, 2009

$1 NOT to visit the USPS!

I am not only on a tight budget now, but am fiercely frugal even when I have money...

However, I just charged one dollar to my credit card, instead of going to the post office!

Since my move was so last minute, I hadn't changed my address. In the past I'd gone to the place of horrible lines and angry employees to fill out the change-o-addy form, but with the optimistic attitude that they'd finally gotten with the times, I tried online first. Indeed, you can change your address via the web now. Fantastic!

Only after you enter all your information and click through several pages does it ask for a credit card to "verify your identity" and tell you that you'll be charged a dollar. Ah, how crafty of them! I heard the Seinfeld character "Newman" cackling in my head as I reached for my wallet. With the exception of my one-stop-light-hometown, going to a post office is absolutely never a good experience. My time and mood are totally worth the dollar I just paid to change my freaking address from the comfort of my bed at 2 a.m.!

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Mombi said...

You probably would have spent that $1 on gas trying to get to the PO! Money well spent!