Monday, May 25, 2009

I am officially an "Excellent" tour guide

Yesterday I picked up a shift at Universal; it was nice to get back to an enjoyable job, but throat was killing me after only my first tour. Right now we're outfitting all our trams with high-definition video monitors. They really do look great, but they're not fully functional; the HD trams only have ten, maybe fifteen, video clips and the clip numbers are different than we're used to. This means guides on HD trams have to talk substantially more and if you get stuck in a long stall, you're quiet frankly screwed! Half the trams yesterday were HD, but somehow I got very lucky and never had to use one. By the next time I work all the trams will be HD, thankfully they'll also have all one hundred and fifty clips; I'll just have to learn their new numbers.

It was only the second time I've worked at Universal since October or November. You may recall, my first shift back I was evaluated; my verbal feedback was good and yesterday I got my written evaluation. Overall I scored 93.5 out of 100. Of course, I would have preferred an "exceptional" rating of 96 to 99, for which I would have received five bucks at the employee cafeteria, but I am very happy to fall into the 92 to 95 "excellent" category. 86 to 91 is "very good" and anything less is unacceptable.

Specifically, I received 30 out of 30 for the personality category, which is comprised of energy, enthusiasm, warmth and smile. Content was my weakest section, getting 26 of 30 points. As I mentioned the day of the evaluation, I confused Andre the Giant for Lou Ferigno in one of our clips and mixed up the fictional communities of Fairview (Desperate Housewives) and Grandview (Ghost Whisperer). I also forgot we're required to state the production companies with a few titles that filmed on our lot. I don't think that's too bad under the circumstances. I received 23 out of 25 for delivery (entertainment value, pacing and timing, voice and diction, appearance and grooming and pre and post experience.) I only lost points on timing, which is also just a result of being a little rusty; it seems a little awkward, but you need to start talking about things before the first car gets to it, even though the third and fourth cars can't see it yet. Finally my media (mic and clip volume, on-camera presence and media selection and mastery) score was 14.5 out of 15.

Today I volunteered to work a morning shift at my sales job. Getting up at 6 a.m. was not as bad as I thought and thanks to the holiday the highway was wide open. The shift went very quickly and I got one deal, but as I feared, I got back to my apartment and fell asleep! I only got about four hours of sleep last night and my hour nap this afternoon turned into five! Oh well...

Hopefully I can still get to sleep tonight, as I agreed to go on a hike in the Hollywood Hills in the morning with a coworker before getting back to my normal 1 to 7 p.m. shift.

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