Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quality of Life

Over the past year I have wrestled with a quality of life question, constantly reminding myself that hardship now is better than massive regret and loathing later.

I've mentioned several times how infinitely more difficult Los Angeles is, in every tedious way. But right now as I sit in the middle of NoHo Park, I see the potential. Behind me a woman is practicing the bagpipes and to my left a guy is playing a drum; a family seems to be having a reunion, children are playing soccer and half the dog owners seem to believe the "must be on leash" signs are just a suggestion.

In this place, traffic is not an issue, nor is the grossly inflated cost of everything from rent to a gallon of milk. It's not about acting classes, casting directors or day jobs... It's about happiness and relaxation, sunshine, nature and human interaction.

Today our house in Ohio had a showing; there was one last week too. Though selling it is the goal, my guy can't help but ponder the hurdles that creates. Where will he, the dog and cat live after it sells and before they move out here? Packing, storing and moving a whole household will be a nightmare.

Nonetheless, in moments and places like this I'm reminded that it will be worth it once we're together again. LA might be a big, scary, congested city, but after you find your community and have someone to share it with, it's no different than anywhere else. I'm even willing to say our quality of life here could be even better if we live in this neighborhood or one similar.

Okay, at this point the bagpipe is getting annoying and I really can not stand small dogs, but the potential and hopefulness are still here!

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