Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Short Musial Festival - Year Two!

I can not believe it's been a year since I was cast in my first LA gig - the short musical festival.

Over the course of that experience I didn't blog about it much for two reasons - I was concerned about the anonymity of this blog and I wanted to stay positive. Truth be told, it was frustrating and disappointing in many ways. I was in two of the five short musicals last year; one director called far too many pointless rehearsals for a ten minute piece, while the other was thrown together at the last minute. Even though I wasn't being paid, I guess I thought because I was in LA, that it would be like "professional theatre." It was not.

All across LA, especially here in the NoHo Arts District, there are little theatres where professional actors and directors put on productions with no budget and even less of a guarantee of the outcome! We do it because we love performing, it's a networking opportunity and because it gives us a reason to send out post cards to casting director, agents and managers. In the end last year, I was glad I did it; it was a great confidence boost to be cast in something so quickly, it added to my resume and made good friends. However, the rehearsals were extremely frustrating and I questioned the caliber of the work, from both myself and everyone else involved. My attitude near the end wasn't so great.

So it was quite a surprise to be asked back by three different parties! The man who runs the small theatre volunteered his truck and helped me move to my new apartment; he said all the thanks he needed was my participation in the musicals again this year! You help me move and cast me in a show?!?! Wow... just, wow!

The writers of the thrown together, but truly hilarious, musical from last year have offered me a part in their show this year, pending the hiring of the director. I've accepted, but I guess that means the tbd director could veto me... Then there's the writer of the other musical I was in last year. She and her director were way over the top with their rehearsals and notes and I know my life values differ from hers greatly. Everyone in that cast was so annoyed; the writer wanted to run through the music a half hour before curtain even on the third and fourth weekend of the run for a TEN MINUTE show! It was ridiculous and by the end, none of us were hiding our eye rolls. Nonetheless, she sent me three emails and a voicemail about auditioning for her show this year. The character is ten to fifteen years above my age range and I don't know how rehearsals for multiple shows will fit with my increased need to work real jobs this year.

On top of that, I am out of headshots and have been printing them on a must-have basis from CVS and my printer literally ran out of ink to print a resume yesterday. My new cartridges will arrive Monday. Yes, I could probably use a roommates printer and drop another $4 for a single 8x10 at CVS, but I've decided it's not worth it for a role so far above my age range. I told her I was not available for the audition, which is being held for only two hours this morning, but that if she doesn't find her character that I would love to audition at another time. Seems logical, right? They already know who I am and what I can do; this isn't a person I'm eager to work with again, but if after their auditions they really want me, I'd do it.

Of course I'm left wondering, what if the role I've been offered is taken away by the director and I could've gotten the other role had I gone to the first audition...? It would suck not to be involved, especially now that I live within walking distance to the theatre. But there are plenty of other theatres around here that I'd like to become involved with. So even if all this falls through, I'm at peace with my decision, which is very odd and surprising for me...!

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