Monday, May 18, 2009

My first California earthquake!

Last night the Inglewood/Long Beach area experienced a 4.7 earthquake. There have been aftershocks and a bit of damage, but nothing severe.

Here in the Valley, I felt nothing!

It did, however, remind me that I never mentioned my first earthquake experience! I think it was two weeks ago... I was at my sales job and all of a sudden my chair was jarred. The shaking only lasted five to ten seconds. I stood up and asked if anyone else felt it. A few coworkers looked at me like I was crazy, but I was sure, there was no other explanation than an earthquake! An hour later, someone else walked in and confirmed it, having seen a news report or something. I believe they said it was rated a 3 or 4, but now I can't find anything about it.

It wasn't the least bit scary, probably because it was so short and I'm used to going through the extremely jarring earthquake animation at Universal Studios.

On the news tonight they asked if the Inglewood quake was a precursor to another big one. A scientist said there's no reason to jump to that conclusion. However, she further stated southern California has had fewer earthquakes in the past ten years and we should be expecting more in the future.

Last week my roommate acquired a large framed print and gave it to me. Today I finally got around to hanging it in the only possible space, above my bed. It's thin wood and plexiglass, but now I feel like I should take it down, as to not be rendered unconscious by Jonathan Pike's "Balconies on the Grand Canal" if North Hollywood gets rocked at night!

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