Friday, May 29, 2009

'Sweeney Tidd' - The Mini Musical that won't Die!

Luckily, the short musical Sweeney Tidd is not so easily met with demise as those who sit in the chair of the original Sweeney Todd!

The writers of this show offered me the female lead; I auditioned for the director last weekend, only to learn he had to quit and the writers didn't think they could pull it off on their own. Now one of the co-owners/directors of the theatre will be running the rehearsals; he is the same gentleman who called me into audition for last years roles with this musical festival and recently helped me move!

No worries, my character will not be singing about the worst meat pies in NoHo, rather she is in love with the church choir director who she assists. I haven't read the whole script yet, so I don't really understand the name, other than a correlation with the shunned and mentally unstable lead male.

The festival opens June 19th and thought it's only a ten to fifteen minute musical, I do hope I get a script and music soon!

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