Monday, April 27, 2009

Never mind Swine Flu, what's my new address?

Last night the NoHo guys said they'd pick their new roommate today or tomorrow. I checked my email obsessively today, but have heard nothing.

I was concerned last night to find that my second choice, the single in Van Nuys, had reposted her unit on Craigslist. I can't blame her. This morning she left me a voicemail asking if I was still interested; I replied via email, saying yes, and requesting to do the paperwork after work tomorrow night. If the NoHo guys come through and I have to cancel on her, I'll feel bad, but I have to cover my ass, right? She hasn't replied yet, so I'm just hoping she hasn't or doesn't sign someone else!

I know you're thinking, "why didn't you call her back?!" Well, because I'm totally phonephobic! I love my phone and all it does, but not talking on it! I'll always answer when my guy'calls; my parents are at about 55%, but with all due respect to everyone else, I'm not likely to pick up. I just don't want to ever be put on the spot; I'd rather see things in writing first and have time to react and formulate my response. That makes it hilarious that my new job is phone sales, with the goal of a one-call-close!

Today was my first day on the sales floor and I made two deals. I still don't know if that means I'll be any good, since they were both T.O.s, meaning a "turn over." For the first couple weeks we're expected to set up the deal but turn it over to a manager to make the close. A few other new employees got one deal, but I'm pretty sure I was the only at two. I fully realize, you're at the mercy of the dialer; at one point I think I sat there for about forty-five minutes getting nothing but answering machines.

Finally, I am fine and no one I know has flu like symptoms! Seriously - mad cow, bird flu, swine flu...? I think it's all a conspiracy created by vegetarians!

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