Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Update: The expected hassles this city delivers

After sitting for a few months, I knew my car would need some TLC. Thursday AAA came to my parking garage to jump it and inflate a nearly flat tire with a portable air machine. I ran it for about an hour and a half to charge the battery back up; I washed the thick layer of dirt off and the sweet guys at a nearby 76 station used their better air machine to check the pressure in all four tires.

I thought I was all good!

Friday I set out to Universal Studios to brush up on the ever-changing tour so I can start working again and to the grocery. However, my car would not start. She is clean and inflated, but the charge did not hold. The grocery is in walking distance, but other than that I feel pretty stranded.

Luckily my apartment manager has a battery charger that is currently on the car; hopefully it takes. If the charger does not work, I'll have to take the bus to Universal tomorrow, as it is imperative that I start calling in to try to pick up shifts and start making money! Monday I need to get the car in for an oil change, tire rotation and possibly a new battery.

Once I have wheels again, I'll start looking for a waitressing job and new apartment. I really don't want to be in another year long lease, but if I could get someone to move in with me and pay more than half for the larger room, that would be nice. There's also a single available in my building, but they'd have to drop the price a few hundred dollars for me! I've put the word out to all my LA contacts, so we'll see...

I have yet another tough decision to make within the next few hours. My subscription to that casting website I always refer to expires today! I already let one of them run out and without this one I'll have no access to the breakdowns and no way to submit myself for projects. The trouble is, this website only offers year-long subscriptions for $70. That's a lot of money for me right now, especially if I end up going back to Ohio in a month! On the other hand, they nickle-and-dime you to add pictures and it's a pain in the ass to create your account, online resume, etc... so I'd hate to lose the account and have to do all that again in a month if I do stay.

I can't help but wonder though, if I let it expire today, will they send me some sort of last minute special price to get me to stay tomorrow...?

I feel like there's no point in being in LA if I'm not trying to get auditions and taking acting classes, but I do have a lot on my plate right now with employment and housing. When my roommate and I were catching up Wednesday night she said if she had it to do again, she'd do nothing but work and get acclimated her first six months here. That's not bad logic. I just messaged an actor friend who's lived out here awhile; he said he's only on the other casting site that I let go a few months ago. I've been submitting like crazy with little luck, so maybe it's time to try a different site...

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