Sunday, April 26, 2009

Limited options and even less time!

This past week I trained for a new job in sales. I know I can do it, but I still don't know exactly how good I'll be at it or how much money I can expect to make. Obviously that makes finding a new place to live a bit difficult.

I'm just going to put the numbers out here, because they are what they are... I currently pay $750 for a 2 bed/2 bath in Studio City. It was stupid of me to agree to split the rent evenly, as my roommates room is much larger with an attached bathroom and walk in closet. C'est la vie. It would be nice to get a roommate in here who would pay $900 or $1000 for the larger room. Neither of the two interested parties I found have worked out and to put someone new on the lease would likely mean another year long lease, which I do not want. So it's looking like I have to move.

There's a studio available in my building, but it's $900. Hilarious! I need my rent to be less than it already is. And this unit is abysmal. There's only one window that looks at the next building. I asked my super about a rate drop, but the company will only go down to $850. Next!

I think I already blogged about the place in Silver Lake/Echo Park. It would be a small room in a condo with another female and her two dogs for $600. The nice part is the price; the living room and kitchen are great and the owner was very nice. However, I would have to park on the street or pay extra for a garage and traffic in the area is horrible.

I felt strongly about somehow knowing my potential new roommates; many people have suggested I go on to find someone to move in with me, but I think that's insane, especially with the recent craigslist killer all over the news! Two friends have suggested males friends of theirs who were looking for someone, but after talking to my partner, he is not at all comfortable with me moving in with a hetero guy.

I was getting very discouraged, as most single apartments are $800 and up. I simply can not afford that. Then, I broke my own rule. I saw $560 on craiglist and instantly clicked it! I expected another scam, which I keep running into, but instead found a very detailed post from two gentlemen in North Hollywood looking for a "gay-friendly" roommate. As I explained below, this is ideal! I met with them and loved their place! The location is amazing, the lease is month-to-month, the room is a little small, but the closet is large and there's a small balcony off the room. The only downside it that I'd have to park on the street, but for $560, I'd deal with that. I chatted with the two guys for probably 15 minutes and we got along well. They said I was "perky and normal" as opposed to the boring and weird people they'd already talked to. One of them got a phone call while I was there and said, "I'll call you back, we're auditioning a roommate." Fuck! You put the word "audition" on something and it automatically becomes more stressful! Now I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear back from them. I just need to know one way or another!

My new job is in Van Nuys, which is an area my current roommate wouldn't even consider when we were looking last year. It's not nice and I wouldn't be able to walk to the store anymore, but I've come to learn that it's not as awful as I always thought. I looked at a studio sublet there for $670. The place is really cute; it's a bit smaller than the studio in my building, but I like its layout better. It has a full kitchen, unlike all the "bachelor" units I keep running into. The building has a very charming, quiet courtyard, a pool and gated parking. I'd sublet until September, then have to deal with the building management if I wanted to stay.

Finally, a woman I just met at my new job offered that I could temporarily move in with her and her boyfriend for $550. I went this morning and their place is so charming! It reminded me of some of the apartments in Chicago my brother used to have with crown molding, hardwood floors and a sort of row house layout. But, the price and the cool apartment style are the only good things. It's in an area sort of between Hollywood/Silver Lake and Downtown/Korea Town. Again, I wouldn't be walking anywhere! The buildings on the street were great in terms of beautiful old architecture, but I'm not comfortable with the demographic. I'd have to park on the street, which seemed pretty difficult. The room was small with no closet. Then there were the dogs... They have a French bulldog, which is cute, but also this nasty little rat terrier mixed mut thing. I am not a fan of small, yippy dogs. They jumped on me and smelled like pee. Gross.

Obviously, I am nauseated with hope that the gay guys pick me! Their place is perfect and cheap! If they don't, I feel like I should take one of the cheap options in Hollywood - the $600 or $550, but I don't want to! I don't want to deal with street parking in those neighborhoods, I don't want to drive 16 miles to work in Van Nuys from those areas and I don't want to feel like I'm a nuisance in someone else's space, with someone else's dogs. For some reason with the guys in NoHo, I didn't feel like that since they're roommates to each other and replacing a roommate...

My logic right now is that even though the single in Van Nuys is a little more expensive, my savings in gas and time spent on the road would easily make up the difference! But, I'd also have no one to share utilities with. My fear in that situation is that I'd become even more of a hermit than I already am!

To top it all off, I have to be out of my current place Thursday and am working this Monday through Friday from 1 to 7 p.m. Meaning, I won't have a day to dedicate to moving, I'll have to do it in the mornings. Then there's the issue of renting a uhal or something and begging a limited amount of people to help me.

I'm so stressed right now I could vomit. What if I wait too long to hear from the NoHo guys, then the single in Van Nuys gets taken and I have no choice but to go to Hollywood with smelly dogs?! I want to cry.

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