Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally - Up and Running!

My very important package arrived at 6:45 p.m. Monday. I called UPS around 5:30 only to be told they deliver as late as 7:30 p.m. and are not able to give any window of time! Unbelievable! That's worse than the infamous cable guy!

So my car didn't make it to the garage until Tuesday; it needed a bit more work and took more time than expected. Of course.

Today, a week after arriving back in LA I was finally able to leave my apartment and try to make some headway! I took the tour at Universal so I'd feel comfortable once again giving it and can now call in to pick up shifts. I picked up several applications at restaurants on Universal's City Walk and then headed toward downtown to check out a possible new apartment.

The area is Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park which is nestled sort of between Hollywood and Downtown; I've always heard they're cool "hipster" neighborhoods, but I honestly don't know what that means! Even on breakdowns, some characters are described as "Silver Lake hipster types." Anyway, I'd be renting a room from a young woman who owns the townhouse with her family (but only she and her two dogs live there). It's a good price and I could pay month to month, but the room is rather small, there are no amenities in the complex and I'd have to either park on the street or pay extra for a garage. The market, drug store and restaurants are close, but not in walking distance and while the street the complex is on is clean and quiet, I had to go through some less than ideal areas en route. I've been extremely spoiled in my current location; I literally take the street my apartment is on to the street Universal is on to get to work! It only takes ten to fifteen minutes, it's a nice area and I rarely deal with the highways or crazy traffic. If I choose the place I saw today, I'd have to bite the bullet like most people in this town and sit in horrid traffic every single day...

In huge, exciting news, I have an audition tomorrow! The best part is that I didn't even submit for it! You may recall in the fall I auditioned for a role on the TLC/Discover Health show "I didn't know I was pregnant." My goal for that audition was to build good rapport with the casting directors; although I didn't book the role, I sent a thank you note after the audition. This morning they called me to audition for a small role of a friend to the lead character, the one who doesn't know she's pregnant. Obviously they kept my headshot on file and/or remembered me. So I guess I can say mission accomplished! Tomorrow morning's audition doesn't actually have sides (a script), rather it's an improv scene at a bar with the friends having a fun girls night. Hopefully I'm the look and personality they want! And yes, you guessed it, the morning after drinking with my character, the lead gives birth to a child she didn't know she was carrying. And this is based on real people! You can't write shit that crazy!

Then Friday I have an interview for a telesales job. Don't boo and call me the devil, it's not cold calling! I'd only call people who requested information. There is a potential for great money, but it's not exactly an easy job and I honestly don't know how good I'd be. Am I a closer? I guess I'll find out! I did call alumni for donations while I was in college; that's my main sales experience. Lucky for me, they asked which college and it turns out the manager is also an Ohioan. I think it's safe to say my home landed me the interview over my experience, which is fine by me! Now all I have to do is charm them and make it through the training. This job even has benefits after 90 days. Some think I could make more money waiting tables. I am pursuing both options but benefits and not having to deal with bratty little kids spilling stuff on me does seem more appealing!

Saturday morning I have another audition for a non-union short horror film. Short horror film? I had to laugh at myself when I received the audition information; I must not have read that breakdown carefully before submitting. None the less, I'll definitely go give it a shot. The prototype for the character is Famke Janssen of Nip/Tuck. I hadn't googled her prior to submitting (again, I was submitting too quickly), but upon doing so, I'm flattered!

I know all of this sounds great, but my future remains a question mark. I am still operating under the reality that if I can't find a new place and additional job to cover the rent by the 30th, I can't stay in LA. The order in which I find those things is delicate and difficult to balance. If I wait to find a great job, I may have no time to get a new place to live. It would be even worse to find a place first, go through the hassle of moving and scrounge up and possibly loose a security deposit, only to not get a good enough job...

It's difficult, but I am determined to stay positive. As I sit her at my desk, my quote-a-day "Daughters" calendar given to me by my mom reads, "Hold on to your dreams; they will help guide you on your own path to happiness."

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