Friday, April 17, 2009


This morning my audition went well; solid, but not fantastic. I need to get some sleep for the job interview I have this morning, so instead of rewriting things, here are some snippets that pretty much explain it; hopefully the people these messages were sent to don't mind!

An email to my guy:

Today was just one of those days... I am trying to have a really positive attitude, but it either backfires or doesn't matter. I think the key is to just laugh at it all because it's honestly hilarious. The amount of shit that happens in a day in LA would take a week or two to add up elsewhere.

...I really miss you and I'm getting really emotionally worn down. You thought I was bad when I had to decide about my plane tickets back here, but being here trying to figure all this out is ten times worse. I'm like a yo-yo, one second thinking I have a promising lead and the next second feeling like it's impossible and I'm totally wasting my time trying... This sucks.

And a Facebook to a good friend:

To be honest things look pretty bleak. Nothing specific happened today, just all the stupid little things that add up very quickly when you're by yourself. Or maybe it's that I saw my acting teacher today who is incredibly annoying! He's one of those people who makes everything sound like it's so damn easy. Ya right! I am trying so hard to stay super positive, but it all comes down to numbers. :(

I have an interview in the morning for a telesales job. It could be nice money if I'm good at it. I really feel like it's the make-or-break thing at this point. I filled out a half dozen tedious restaurant applications today, but I know none of them are hiring in time to be able to keep me here. I can't help but feel like I'm running my ass off on things I know are not going to pan out...

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