Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A boring update.

My phone is holding my cool red carpet pictures hostage and my other blog has gotten all my attention the past week. Today when I got home from my first day of training at my potential new job, I totally crashed. I'm usually not an afternoon napper, but sometimes it just happens. The training was by no means difficult; all we did today was sit and listen. The culprit is my overall lack of sleep and having to get up by 7 a.m. like a normal person for the past few days. Plus, I've needed to go to the grocery for a week now and am consuming frighteningly meager amounts of food.

As for the apartment search, I keep running into Craigslsit scams. Seriously, who falls for this shit? Tomorrow I'm going to look at a place that would be a roommate situation with absolute strangers. That is something I wanted to avoid; I wanted the person to at least be a friend of an acquaintance or something, but this caught my eye. The price is low, the location is great and they're two gay guys looking for a "gay-friendly" roommate. Living with a hetero male is pretty much out of the question and chicks can be bitchy! I've always been more of a guys-girl with very few female friends, so gay guys sound like ideal roommates to me. We'll see; yes I'll be extremely careful and I'll also blog about the red carpet premier tomorrow!

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