Monday, April 13, 2009

A dog to a mail carrier will pale in comparison to me and the yet to arrive UPS person...!

I thought I was restless in Ohio, but the last few days trapped in my LA apartment have been nearly intolerable!

The good news is that my car is starting! I had planned to take it in for the oil change and tire rotation first thing this morning, then I was determined to get a second job TODAY! Grand plans, indeed.

Then I remembered a package was arriving today that I absolutely had to be here to receive. The clock is now headed toward the 5 o'clock hour and I have no package and no patience! I am very irritated that another day has slipped by with little progress being made. Worse yet is that around 2 p.m. I walked down to check my mailbox, where they would have left a note had I somehow missed them. I was happy not to find a note and happier yet to see their big brown truck about a block away on a side street! I guess I should have walked to them because I am sick of waiting for them to come to me!

Adding to the aggravation is the fact that it was shipped second-day air on Thursday morning. It arrived here at 3 a.m. Saturday. Why couldn't it have been delivered Saturday afternoon?

Never mind the title, that was just for dramatic effect; I won't actually be mean to the delivery person if it arrives today. However, if it does not, I will be bitching on the phone to someone until there is some sort of compensation given!

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