Sunday, August 31, 2008

I blame the iPhone...

So here's the thing, my life has been condensed to a 2 x 4 inch piece of electronic heaven that my Manfriend earned by reaching a sales goal at work! (Yes, he's sweet, but mine is the original and he got himself the 3G.)

I don't mean to brag, but I love my iPhone! There are moments and places where I can not connect to the internet, but for the most part, it is in every way as convenient as it's commercials make it out to be.

As a result, I actually spend LESS time online. I know, you'd think it'd be the opposite, but it's not. Instead of opening my laptop to check email and submit for new roles, I can do it quickly from my phone without being sucked into a routine of checking several websites, five times over. When I do go to my old internet haunts from my iPhone, I spend less time there and am less interactive because the iPhone is convenient, but not exactly "comfortable" for extended web surfing or typing.

So anyway, I simply haven't had my laptop open as much, which means I haven't blogged here. Sorry.

This past week I attended workshops three nights in a row - my usual class and two freebies from Universal. One was with the VP of Casting from ABC, a former tour guide! She didn't give us cold reads to perform for her; rather she took our headshots and resumes and shared wonderfully helpful information for about an hour and a half!

Speaking of wonderfully helpful information, a casting director actaully found this blog and left me some feedback on the post below! Be sure to click in and read it!

As for my Labor Day... my Manfriend is flying in this morning for four days. He chose to go to bed early last night, so morning would come sooner, whereas I am still awake at 5 a.m. for some stupid reason!

Today almost felt like I was getting ready for a really long date...
I went to the grocery to get him that white water, I mean skim milk, he drinks, and ingredients to make at least three "home cooked" meals. (The man can cook well, but I know he's depressingly surviving on take-out at work and TV dinners at home.) When I got back I actually took the time to pre-wash and chop my lettuce and slice some fruit so it wouldn't take away from our time together. How sappy! I did two loads of laundry tonight for the same reason. I polished my fingers and toes, among other girly maintenance, which all takes for freaking ever!

It's a funny thing, even after being with him for four and a half years, living with him for almost the entire time and knowing from very early on that it was serious, I almost feel nervous when he visits me here in LA. It's the excited kind of nervous because his visits really are like a long date; we are so happy to see each other, our passion and energy feels new again and I'm so eager to show him things I've talked about and try restaurants and store neither of us have been to... As fun as all that is, I still can not wait for the monotony of being together everyday again - managing a home together and dealing with each others every mood - good, bad and indifferent.
Anyone want to buy a beautiful home in northwest Ohio? :)

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