Saturday, August 9, 2008

Damn Dancing!!!

By doing a monologue from Sex and the City as the character Charlotte I advanced to the dancing round yesterday afternoon at the audition for a pop culture parody show for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

I changed into black pants and a white jacket to look like Agent 99 from Get Smart for the dancing audition. I danced my ass off, but despite my best efforts, I was not lucky on 8.8.08! I was cut after the dancing round. I'm kind of pissed because the dancing seemed to become more important than how much you looked like the character or how well you could act like them. I especially find it to be bull shit because they're auditioning dancers separately- just to dance!
Why can't actors just act?

Anyway, I just watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics - WOW!

I'm working in 90+ degree heat the next two days, so I need to get some sleep...

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