Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting paid to blog!

Kind of...

I'm at work blogging from my phone, which is actually a one-fingered pain in the ass, but still awesome that I have this ability!

So if you were "The Governator" where would you host a conference of all the US and Mexican governors whose states are on the boarder? At a movie studio, of course!

I agreed to work an extra shift from 4 to midnight as an "STA" for this special event. That stands for "studio tour assistant" and means I'll be opening and closing tram doors as we transport hundreds of conference-goers from their hotels to our back lot for a gala. That's right- our back lot! They'll be throwing a party at The Square of Warriors (where Sparticus, The Scorpian King and Pricess Diaries II all filmed scenes) as well as Little Europe (which has a filmography a mile long).

It gets under way at 7, so we've just been sitting arond... I'm told we'll likely get out early, but still be paid for 8 hours!

I love working here!

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