Monday, August 18, 2008

Working my ass off!... for lack of a better title.

I have worked at Universal ten of the past twelve days. Again, I know to some of you that's no big deal, but for the past couple years I have been a freelance speaker and entertainer, so putting in a conventional 40 hour work week is something my body is not used to!

Unfortunately, the summer season is winding down, so it's time for me to start looking for yet another job to supplement the impending lack of Tour Guide shifts.

For today though, I'll be focusing on an audition for a non-union feature film. I submitted for a character described as "21, rare combo of beauty, book and street smarts; a fighter." However, they've called me into read for "25, hot Latina--but resentful, angry, with a lot of edge. Must speak fluent Spanish." Right... No abla Espanole!!! Is this the Catherine Zeta Jones effect? Dark hair and eyes equals Latina? (Although she's from Whales, she played a Latina in Zorro.)

My beau said, "maybe you should let them know you don't speak Spanish so you don't waste the trip..." Nope! One thing I've learned is that if you have the opportunity to get in front of a casting director in this town, you take it! They called me in - they're going to see me! Who knows what they may think I'm right for in this, or other productions...

Speaking of getting in front of casting directors, tonight and Thursday I will attend free workshops hosted by Universal, as well as my normal acting class/casting workshop on Tuesday.

I should get some sleep, but I'm too distracting trying to decide if I should wear my big hoop earrings tomorrow, or is that too stereotypically Latina? :)

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M said...

I say play it up! Maybe watch a little Rosie Perez for inspiration! lol