Thursday, August 7, 2008

Help! Have you seen Get Smart???

Today I got back on the horse, or tram, in this case and worked at Universal. Despite not giving the tour in over two weeks, I was surprisingly not nervous about stalling or being evaluated. That's due mostly in part to the massive amount of "quiet zones" we had, meaning areas in which the guide can't talk on mic because it would disturb nearby filming. Ghost Whisperer, Desperate Housewives and New York Film Academy students were all using parts of the back lot.

By the end of the day one of the productions, Ghost Whisperer, I believe, was stopping trams for for five to ten minutes at a time, causing major back-ups. My last tour was stalled for quite a while at three separate points; I felt bad for the guests because I couldn't entertain them with stall material or play the audio on the video clips. On the other hand, it was a huge relief that it was a quite zone because I don't know how the hell I would have filled that much time. I did run back and forth to talk to cars two, three and four in person, which is much easier than fluidly filling time on mic.

My last tour took an hour and fifteen minutes (they're normally forty-five), and we didn't even complete it! We were two-thirds done and were past all the productions and quiet zones, but since the people had been on the tram over an hour, management routed us directly back to the unloading line. It was a decision I did not agree with. We'd already endured the hold-ups, why not go through the good, uninterrupted parts? I was livid for my guests, but surprisingly no one complained to me about missing Jaws, Whoville, the Psycho House, War of the Worlds AND the freaking Mummie's tomb. My last tour pushed me into over-time; after being off, giving four tours today has left me extremely exhausted.

But anyway, the point of this was that at work today I found out about an audition for Universal's Halloween show. Like most theme parks, Universal does a whole scary, not-kid-friendly, evening Halloween thing with haunted tours and whatnot... Part of it is a pop culture parody show. I'll be auditioning to play Kristen Davis, as seen in Sex and the City as Charlotte York and Ann Hathaway, as seen in Get Smart as Agent 99.

I know I resemble both of them and putting the wardrobes together are easy enough, but I don't know what to do for the one minute monologue for Agent 99. I haven't seen the movie or TV show and in the clips I've found on line Agent 99 has limited dialogue.

Here's the biggest problem - the audition is at noon TODAY!

Angelina Jolie, ala Wanted is also on the character list, but there again, I haven't seen the movie yet, so I wouldn't know what to do past replicating the wardrobe and drawing on some tattoos! LOL!

So, if you have any ideas about speaking and being like Agent 99, please leave a comment!


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