Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bigots in Blacklick!

Ohio is already a saddening word to me right now, since a jet took my Manfriend back there this afternoon, then moments ago the local LA news made it even worse with a story about this sign:

After the report ran the hot female anchor turned to her co-host and asked, "Where was that, not here, right?" "Ohio," he replied. I kid you not - her response was: "Oh, that makes sense!"

"That makes sense???" NO! No, no, no, no! Nowhere, no time, no how does that make sense! Thank you "pastor" Allison from Blacklick for making Ohio look ignorant, offensive and bigoted.

What ever happened to churches teaching that whole 'love is patient and kind' thing? Havens Corners Church seems to prefer judgment and scare tactics.


Judy said...

Makes ya kinda sad doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

You know, this is sad! As a pretty open-minded, very loving Christian, I am appalled!I have no clue what these people are trying to say or do. It seems as though they are being like the looney, so-called Baptist church in or around Missouri that protest at soldiers funerals. Sad and very disgusting! Jesus Christ befriended and loved people like the woman at the well, he did not shun them. This goes to show that no matter what, people are very imperfect, believers or not.I just always remind myself to keep my focus off of people and on my God. :)