Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greetings from Bingo America

No, I was not selected to be a contestant... :(

My first clue was when I saw rush notices for paid audience members. So here I sit as a clapper. Oh well, at least I'm making money today.

And here's the inside scoop - host Patrick Duffy was replaced with Richard Karn, aka Al from Home Improvement. I talked to him. :)

More later...


Anonymous said...

So, what is "Al" like? Is he really funny? I met George Wendt, aka, "Norm" on Cheers and he is very nice but unexpectedly, very quiet! I know his sister,Loretta Jolivette, who played the secretary at the mental hospital on "Rain Man". She is very NEAT! I just love her!

Anonymous said...

Al is very nice. He hosted Family Feud for four seasons - if you ever saw him on that, that's exactly what he was like on this set too. Nice, but corny.

He came out and spoke to us (the audience); in fact he spoke directly to me. :)

As for Patrick Duffy (from Dallas), the warm-up guy told me he was canned because he was really dry and boring on camera and never interacted with anyone on set.