Saturday, September 6, 2008

Being a voice in "The Actors Voice"

When I started this blog I chose to make it as anonymous as anything on the web can be. These are personal rants, ramblings, moments of vulnerability and complaints that might cause industry professionals to think negatively of me. So imagine my surprise when a casting director left me a comment on my August 26th post! "Crap!" I thought, "Where did I slip up?" I looked the casting director up and was further confused by why her picture was utterly familiar to me, yet knew I hadn't met her...

As it turns out, she, Bonnie Gillespie, found me through an innocent web search (of sorts) and she's not only in casting, but also an author. I recognized Bonnie's picture because I see it every time I log onto Actor's Access, one of the submission sites I use, for which she writes an article "The Actors Voice." She works to stay in tune with actors needs and concerns to inform her writing. Specifically, my frustration with type casting and our correspondence here in the comments under that post were part of her September 1st article, "Your Type is a Shortcut."

I recently engaged in a little online conversation with a new-to-LA actor who was finding the whole "type" thing discouraging. Specifically, she's not too into the Hollywood obsession with actors playing their primary type "over and over" to the exclusion of all of the other types those actors can also be.

Fair enough. I get the frustration...

You can try clicking above on the title for the rest of the article, but it may be restricted to members. If so, Bonnie took the time to leave me some incredibly helpful advice in the comment below, which is basically the same as the article. The really ironic thing is at my last workshop, the casting director referenced one of Bonnie's books!

Big web, small world!

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