Thursday, July 3, 2008


By that I mean PJs, as in pajamas, as in what I wore to an audition for PBS today!

Let me explain!...

This afternoon I had an audition to be the side-kick type character for a half hour pilot for a PBS kids show. (Just in case you aren't familiar, in TV talk, a "pilot" is the first episode created, which TV network executives may or may not "pick up" or order more of to air as a series. It's sometimes painful to watch the pilot episodes of your favorite shows because they're understandably rough around the edges and the characters aren't yet fully developed.)

Anyway, PBS kids show is not exactly the career I had in mind, but I figure if LeVar Burton can go from the PBS host of Reading Rainbow to Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: Next Generation, well, then who the hell knows!

Not to mention, you have to take what fits you. Here was the breakdown: "A young woman (age range 18 - 30). She is a “handy-woman” around the house, always fixing things, and helping our main character. She is strong and confident, but feminine, cute, and accessible to kids. She sings songs (singing ability a must) tells stories and leads dances. Must be okay with being silly. She is the strong leading personality that drives this show." Yep, that's me alright!

Albeit happy for me, my mom pointed out, "You don't dance." I replied, "It's not really dancing, it's a PBS kid show, they just sorta hop around, right?"

For todays audition we were asked to showcase our singing and dancing abilities and dress casual. Damn you, LA, and your casual attitudes and wardrobes! What does that mean? It's an audition, an interview; you should dress to impress or to suggest your character! Okay, fine, I told myself that means my character is casual, which makes sense given the breakdown. But I still couldn't bring myself to wear jeans, nor should I wear dress or my typical high heels. I realized a bigger problem was that PBS hosts and characters are all A-sexual, and all my shirts are either spaghetti straps or v-necks; my clothes aren't necessarily sexy, but they show too much skin for PBS.

I only have two T-shirts that I wear in public, so the only thing I could come up with today was to wear my favorite one with a pair of capris and cute sandals - one of my favorite, no effort outfits. The tee is pink, fitted, super soft, extra long and it says "I *heart* my dog" across the front of it. It's literally a red heart made of beads. Truth be told, it's a Victoria's Secret pajama top, but I don't care I wear it out all the time and people always comment and think it's cute. I don't know what breed its supposed to be, but the silhouette of the VS dog and this, and much of their sleepwear resembles a Great Dane, which I have... in Ohio. :(

The audition was in an acting studio space behind the Hollywood Playhouse Theatre Complex. There are lots of theatre spaces in Hollywood, so wasn't surprised to find this was a loudly painted building on an otherwise residential street, off of Sunset, a couple blocks from the tourist mayhem. A narrow path led behind the theatre and opened up to a tranquil courtyard; it was such a quiet, hidden jewel, I would have hung out there for hours, but as soon as I signed in, they were ready for me. I counted the sign in sheet, and was the sixteenth woman. Yikes.

I was told to bring a CD or sing a capella. Instead I took my four inch, highly portable MP3 speakers and iPod. While I set up, one of two men with Middle Eastern or perhaps European accents explained that it's a new show teaching kids to recycle. I believe the target age range is 4 to 6 and I think it's called "Eco," but between the accent and trying to pleasantly take everything in, I honestly don't remember.

They played an electronic accompaniment and sang through the three-line theme song with me twice, then I did it twice on my own for the camera. It was easy - a nauseatingly catchy tune that will have babysitters and parents ears bleeding... I improv-ed the start of the show, "Hi kids!!! Today we're going to have fun learning to reuse and recycle with a good friend, ECO!"

Then I did my prepared performance, a two minute version of "Much More" from the off-Broadway hit, The Fantastics. It's a perfect story telling song that shows off my voice; in it a young girl day dreams of all the exciting things she wants to do, instead of chores, "I'd like to swim in a clear blue stream where the water is icy cold, then go to town in a golden gown and have my fortune told..." It's not the Linda Eder song some of you might be thinking of. I added some appropriate twirls and a grape-vine or two, as that's the extent of my sober dancing.

I did the entire song. Then, they asked me to take my hair out of its low ponytail, so the camera could get that look, since it's down, straight and flowing in my headshot. I sang the entire song, again, with my hair falling in my face! The line "To wear my hair unfastened so it billows to the floor.." didn't make much sense anymore, but how amazing that I did like five minutes of singing for the camera!

They seemed to really like me, but who knows! Now I move on to the next thing... If they call me next week for a callback, great! If not, I know I did my best... and I'll blame it on the PJs.


Anonymous said...

For the sake of anonymity, Hello, "buckeye"!

Hey, hope you get the callback next week - that sounds like a really cool opportunity.

Glad to hear things are going well out there (I mean, as well as can be expected for the first few monthes)!

~Katie Mc-C

Mombi said...

A PBS show would be so freaking cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chicas!

I haven't heard anything yet, but my fingers are still crossed.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that you get the part!!! PLUS a recycling show! how awesome! i hope they do it and its a hit!